Name:Xinikezo Aldilt

Age: 672,749,754,889,345,867,122,345,001

Aliases: Pata-Tron 13

Status: Alive

Preferences: Straight

Powers/Abilities: One-Man Army, Weapon Master, Ninjutsu, Supernatural Condition, Stealth Tactics


Born in the Unknown "Black Hole" in space, A group of Pata-Trons were in the process of going into war with the Ulti-Trons and their leader, Ulti-Borg. 

The Pata-Trons were a force not to be reckoned with, but had some weaknesses too. And of course, The Ulti-Trons took advantage of that. An Agent, Pata-Tron 13, was the most deadly of all. He was only a kid when he became apart of the Trons. Very skilled in combat, weapons, and stealth, he grew up to become even stronger and wise enough to become the greatest of all the Pata-Trons.



In the zone of beginning war, he became the leader of the Pata-Trons. He did have charisma, but lacked body language to show a small amount of it, so it was at 75%. Him and the Group killed every Ulti-Tron, 2 by 2, then 3 by 3, then 6 by 6, and then 10 by 10.

Later, the War was over in a heartbeat. However, they didnt know it but it took 43 years to finish the battle! But, they didnt age. That was just the years of the Unknown "Black Hole". They age as soon as it reaches 45 years, tops.

Anyway, after the war with the Ulti-Trons, Pata-Tron 13 left the place. He claimed it was his "Way to becoming better in skill, and leadership". They didnt understand, but they let him go. He went and continued his life in a spaceship that was stored in the Pata-Trons Laboratory. He sailed in space all alone, and continued his life as a "Rogue" Tron, but still good to the core of his body and heart.

He was also gifted with a new suit he was given. Called Pata-Tron 13α.


His New Suit

To be continued