Things happen like this in Keterspace

Keterspace first was made when a Galaxy hit a black hole. When that happened, an erosion occurred, but it was only for 2 minutes. It turns out that afterwards, a new kind of space was made. Keterspace was born and in effect. Keterspace was one space not to be reckoned with. It had its own planets, some galaxies, orbits, and stars.

The barrier between the original space and Keterspace must be kept in its place. If moved, it will cause extinction on 100% of Keterspace and 50% of The original space.

Anyway, Keterspace is the most dangerous space there is! The Butterfly Effect can take place especially. Also Black holes with tentacles, but other holes are there to, like white holes, purple, and even some as red as blood. They all lead to other places, so picture them as a portal. That is, except for the Black Hole. That leads to death. The others just lead to a place that is somewhat..esoteric, and some can be malevolent or benevolent. They are sacred and never to be spoken about.


White Holes can lead to precious things!

The thing about Keterspace is, the most baddest things can happen. But Good things can happen to. That's basically the main idea. Word has it that the home planet (Gamma-Earth) has new tech other than the ones on real earth. New suits for armies, upgraded phones and games, even new travel vehicles. But as before, the most baddest things can happen.

Keterspace has its own orbits and planets. There are only 10 Planets orbiting around the Beta-Star.


  • Detchan
  • Ratuga
  • Delka
  • Pomery
  • Yutiopi
  • Hrytuchi
  • Banderiy
  • Moadik
  • Terfuci
  • Ketcy

They all orbit around Beta-Star.

Last section is the ruler of Keterspace. It is unknown who it is and WHAT it is. Everything is Sacred about it. But, he is responsible for the things that happen, the cause and effect, the good, the bad, the impure, the benevolent, and it gives things sometimes by foolhardy. It was said that it existed before time, but it was created when Keterspace was created. It goes by: I.A.O.A.I.A.A. Meaning "I am one and i am all".

Hope you enjoyed this Cloaked Legend. More still remains.