The Purpose of the Gang

Basically, the purpose of the gang is to help the world and people who are somewhat super-human and have lost their way since they got their powers, due to the criticisms and judgement they have been induced with. This Gang also teaches people that they may be different, but they are still the same. Meaning, they may have abilities, but still are human and need to be treated with respect and kindness.

They still have humanity inside them, they are just homo superior, someone with abilities but still have their humanity. It was very hard to overcome the judgment from other with the members, however they pulled through and later on, decided to help others.

So, basically they are good rebels, ones who stand out on their own in a good way. However, they will remember one thing about this group.............................that this group has only just begun.

Members of the SSoPN's

Hray Hyun

Back Story

Hray was only just an infant when he got his powers. He was just bin 2 weeks ago, and he needed to be fed at the time. Born under the Yakuza, the Yakuza were doing some experiment with magical potions and pills.