Alkaline was the last of the dying breed. All of her family died when she was just an infant on a planet called "Second Earth". It was during the pregnancy when her mother and father died. So basically, there is this organization called "Effect: FTL". They were scientist that that tested the species on their planet and then left them alone for the rest of their lives.

They were going for all the species of course, but the wanted to get the one kind they thought that was the hardest for some reason. It was the unknown species. That was the longest living species on the "Second Earth". They were primordial. The organization tried there best hunting them down for their lives, but it was to difficult. That is until they found a species radar to find the species they are looking for just by speaking into it.

Later on, the found lots of the "Unknown" species, and the organization used brute force and everything they had to capture them. Though the species put up a fight, they all died, and was unable to be tested, considering that the organization used much force on them enough to kill them.

Back to the pregnancy, Alkaline was just born and looked as beautiful as ever. Right when she just came, the organization anonymously opened the doors and decided to maraud the place. Considering that all the people from the species gave them all trouble, they brutally, try and almost kill everyone in the room! Afterwards, they take the beat-up mother and take her to test.

Few seconds afterwards, she died because of pregnancy. They then killed every one in the hospital to leave no trace , they presume. However, they, for some reason, left the baby. The organization heard the alarm pull-off out of nowhere and they sprinted quickly out of the place.

The cops came 2 minutes later. When a woman comes in the hospital, a baby is heard crying. As more cops come to investigate, the woman goes to where the baby is crying. The baby turns out to be Alkaline. The cop, out of the blue, decides to keep the baby under her wing. She also decides to name her Lezraa. Coming out of the room, the other cops noticed a baby in her hand. Then the cop says "This baby is mine. Ill protect it." That moment, the baby felt love, and had a motherly figure, to keep her company.

Her Life, has been benevolent since then..........................................