Rayovac Visa originally came from a teenagers imagination. Though he is now real on a website and in his mind. Maybe in others. It all started by an account ( Cant Say ) on an encyclopedia of the abnormal. The account, or young teenager, went on the chat room and saw other accounts that were sending back to back messages. One time on the chat room, he saw a message about some characters, and the boy wondered how to make them, but it had to be on this website. He had help from accounts by the other accounts sending him links of their characters of what they made. He was believed in soon, that he could make his first character. The boy immediately started to think about a character, name was.......RAYOVAC VISA. He just thought of a battery name as the 1st name and the 2nd name, a credit card company. He decided to thank everyone on the chat and make this character. He was going to be a unisexual character, meaning that it will be man or woman. It also has abilities, like Reality Warping, his most powerful power yet, other than fake omnipotence. It also has the status to rule over genders of its opposite gender. Also good in combat. The boy was thrilled at what will and joy was in him, thanks to the unknown people in the chat room.

Few Minutes past...

He was finally done with his character sheet and couldn't wait to show it to the people in the chatroom. And right when he was gonna go to room, his mind was hurting! After the pain, he looked up and saw a being with a mask. A white one. And noticed that it looked just like his character he just made! He hugged it and also noticed that it was a real thought! Then the boys cousin comes and sees's that the boy is hugging nothing. Every thing went well for the boy, and the boy loved the chat so much that he shared his appreciation to the accounts and vowed to try and not get banned or have a warning on the Chat.

He Lived good for the rest of the day and his character wanted to protect him!