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Guide to Temporal Powers

Backup 145

Note the different mechanisms employed to manifest the power (various way of Precognition, and molecular time travel) are omitted, because I am interested in the difference in styles', not different ways to use the same power

Let me know if I have any missing non precognition variation powers

Zooming in

Umbrella category (Time Manipulation)

Time dia1ver2

Learning the past, present or future (Temporal Cognition)

Time dia 2ver2

Defensive and Erasure

Time dia 3

Destiny (Set of all prewritten timelines)

Time dia 5

Assimilation and Combat

Time dia 6

Constructs and Agency

Time dia 7

Flow of time

Time dia 8

Time Travel

Time dia9ver2

Object state and Age

Time dia 10

Surgery and operations)

Time dia 11

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