Name: ??? (???? ????)

PowersMagicHatred Empowerment, Spite EmpowermentAnger Empowerment, Dimensional Manipulation, Magic Empowerment, Suffering Empowerment, Failure Empowerment, Conquest Empowerment, Nothingness Manipulation, Null Energy Manipulation, Nonexistence, Negative Mass Manipulation, Nigh Omnilock (as long the condition is fulfilled), Word Play Inhibition, ???

Occupations: Soceress

Alignment: Nothingness Omnicidial Evil


It all starts back in that fated day, where a snowflake infused with evil energy entered a Japanese high school student's body...

She cannot be weakened until the 32 keys of fate were found (The Condition).

Little did anyone know, that she is just a vessel, a warning of something more omnious lurking between the fabric of reality and fiction...

The Prophecy predicts a harbinger of doom, soon the world is one with the nothingness again.


Distaste of unintelligent males


The Prophecy: ...When tears no more, and the golden blood is showered. The end is near, and the 4th wall will completely fall for the first time...

Terrors ensures, for there is nothing to keep the madness of the Lovecraftian, the devilish of the depths from reaching what is once called home. All existence will soon face a challenge never before seen in history, as survival started to drain likes the sands of time.

The evil and the nihilism of The Vile, spreading to all corners, all planes and all existence

Find the 32 keys of fate, for they are the one and only, that can stop this demonic existence.