Tanya Queen is a 16 year old girl, daughter of a witch and a mutant, she has the power of Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis, inherited from her father, and she can use magic, inherited from her mother. She lived in Bulgaria with her father and her mother, but at the 2 years old, she moved to US with her parents .


Tanya was born in May 13 in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria, her mom was from Kazakhstan and her father was from Bulgaria, when she had 2 years old, she and her parents moved to Manhattan, New York (United States).

When she was in the elementary school, Tanya discovered her power of Cryokinesis, when she froze a girl who was a bully, but the Tanya's mom thawed to the girl, since then, the Tanya's parents taught to control her powers, and her mother taught to she how cast spells.


  • Omni Magic: Her mom was the most powerful witch of the world, in fact, all the women of her family were powerful witches, she can cast powerful spells and curses.
  • Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis: Her great great grandmother was a witch that had the power of control the ice and snow, but Tanya is angry or sad can creates a eternal winter.
  • Telekinesis: Tanya can move objects with her mind, an ability that she inherited from her mother.
  • Weather Manipulation: Tanya can control the weather, an ability that she inherited from her grandmother, but sometimes she loses the control of this ability