The ability to use Mark Hamill's voice.

Also called

  • Mark Hamill's voice
  • Mark Hamillese
  • Voice of Mark Hamill


The user is voiced by Mark Hamill. Allowing feats associated with his voice.


Known Users

  • Joker (DC comics)
  • Trickster (DC comics)
  • Klaw (Marvel comics)
  • Spectre (DC comics)
  • Nightmare (Marvel comics)
  • The Watcher (Darksiders)
  • Cock Knocker (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)
  • Eraqus (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Skipps (Regular Show)
  • Alighiero (Dante's Inferno: Animated Epic)
  • Mark Hamill (Real Life)
  • Fire Lord Ozai (The Last Airbender)