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Kamen Rider Physiology

RiderJones September 11, 2013 User blog:RiderJones
Power to use the traits and abilities of a Kamen Rider. A combination of Power Suit and Bionic Physiology. Occasionally stems from Mutated Physiology or Homo Magi Physiology.

Also called

  • Masked Rider Physiology


The user is/can become a Kamen Rider, a type of superhero (rarely, a supervillain) native to Japan.



  • Every rider is different in there own way.


  • The Kamen Riders (Kamen Rider)
    • Hopper V1
    • Hopper V2
    • Hopper V3
    • Riderman
    • ZX
    • RX
    • Ryuki
    • Decade
    • Wizard
    • Knight
    • Ryuga
    • Beast
    • Double
    • OOO
    • Faiz
    • Shin
  • Beetle (Marvel)
  • Blue Beetle (DC)
  • FireFly (DC)
  • Ant-man (Marvel)

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