What the hell is wrong with you guys? I try to make pages and you all just fight me about it. Doppelganger page? deleted, Toku Hero Physiology? deleted (and I was replying to somebody!)

This. Is. rediculous!

It all started fine when I got into this wiki... Only for these few days, I make all these amazing page ideas and yet they get deleted, or worse, I get hassled about the contents of it. Wanna know how that feels? It's like writing down a dream you had and see it get ripped to shreds by some jerk.

I tried working on these pages, making sure they fit the status quo, making sure they have very, very, very aknowledgable and solid information that fits: doesn't work.

Seriously, what did I do? Why am I fought at about these pages? Even on my blogs, I'm starting to get fights... What did I do wrong?