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    I made this thing for Facebook and thought it would be nice to share it here.

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    October 11, 2013 by BalrogLune

    Pretty cool aye? Lately, I have been dying to figure what is this power... Something new or something that has been missed. So far, I have begun to call this technique/ability Cobra-Strike, named after the user: a cyborg named "Cobra" (on the left) from Masked Rider: The First.

    This power intrigues me, for I do not know the properties of what Cobra is doing exactly nor do I know what the hell he is absorbing to pull off this attack (the movie itself does not have the context about it). The Kamen Rider wiki has so far told nothing about this ability and has remained silent of the subject to this day even after I made a post about it. Thus, I am only able to make a speculation of this ability: Cobra is absorbing a type of black-ish energy from…

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    Getting Real Now

    October 5, 2013 by BalrogLune

    What the hell is wrong with you guys? I try to make pages and you all just fight me about it. Doppelganger page? deleted, Toku Hero Physiology? deleted (and I was replying to somebody!)

    This. Is. rediculous!

    It all started fine when I got into this wiki... Only for these few days, I make all these amazing page ideas and yet they get deleted, or worse, I get hassled about the contents of it. Wanna know how that feels? It's like writing down a dream you had and see it get ripped to shreds by some jerk.

    I tried working on these pages, making sure they fit the status quo, making sure they have very, very, very aknowledgable and solid information that fits: doesn't work.

    Seriously, what did I do? Why am I fought at about these pages? Even on my blogs…

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    Kamen Rider Physiology

    September 11, 2013 by BalrogLune

    Power to use the traits and abilities of a Kamen Rider. A combination of Power Suit and Bionic Physiology. Occasionally stems from Mutated Physiology or Homo Magi Physiology.

    • Masked Rider Physiology

    The user is/can become a Kamen Rider, a type of superhero (rarely, a supervillain) native to Japan.

    • Combat Adaption
    • Elemental Attacks
    • Card Empowerment
    • Vehicle Intuition
    • Martial Arts Intuition
    • Insect Physiology
    • Magic
    • Weapon Calling
    • Weapon Proficiency
    • Flight

    • Every rider is different in there own way.

    • The Kamen Riders (Kamen Rider)
      • Hopper V1
      • Hopper V2
      • Hopper V3
      • Riderman
      • ZX
      • RX
      • Ryuki
      • Decade
      • Wizard
      • Knight
      • Ryuga
      • Beast
      • Double
      • OOO
      • Faiz
      • Shin
    • Beetle (Marvel)
    • Blue Beetle (DC)
    • FireFly (DC)
    • Ant-man (Marvel)
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    Mark Hamill Empowerment

    August 16, 2013 by BalrogLune

    The ability to use Mark Hamill's voice.

    • Mark Hamill's voice
    • Mark Hamillese
    • Voice of Mark Hamill

    The user is voiced by Mark Hamill. Allowing feats associated with his voice.

    • Fear Inducement
    • Clown Physiology
    • Evil Embodiment
    • Nigh Omniscience
    • Immortality

    • Joker (DC comics)
    • Trickster (DC comics)
    • Klaw (Marvel comics)
    • Spectre (DC comics)
    • Nightmare (Marvel comics)
    • The Watcher (Darksiders)
    • Cock Knocker (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)
    • Eraqus (Kingdom Hearts)
    • Skipps (Regular Show)
    • Alighiero (Dante's Inferno: Animated Epic)
    • Mark Hamill (Real Life)
    • Fire Lord Ozai (The Last Airbender)
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