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Myth powers:Egypt

All Mythical powers in a Sci-Fi perspective.

In Egyptian Myth, the gods and goddesses did many things, In a magical perspective t
Anubis by GENZOMAN

Anubis, Jackal headed god of the dead

hey were beings with a lot of great magic...But, what if they wern't using magic at all?

Here is a list of Egyptian gods/goddess, and what powers might they have.

Ra- Creator god of the Sun

The Main god of Egyptian Mythology, He is probably the strongest of them all.

  • Creation- according to Myth he created himself.
  • Reality Warping- Some Myths say He created the Universe, He must have been able to warp Reality to do so.
  • Solar Manipulation- He was a Sun god, meaning he might have some powers related to the Sun.
  • Circadian Manipulation- He controls the different aspects of the Sun meaning he could control the Sun's movements.
  • Dimensional Travel- It was said in the night, when the Sun isn't in the sky, Ra is travelling in the Underworld (which can be seen as an Alternate Dimension).

Osiris- Ruler of the Afterlife

Not much is known of him, He was known for being killed by his brother Set and later chopped to pieces. He was the First Mummy.

  • Dimensional Manipulation- As ruler of the Afterlifehe may control the aspects of the Afterlife.
  • Spirit Form- He is said to usually visit his family, even when he was dead.

Isis- goddess of Magic

Osiris' Wife, best known for her quest of restoring Osiris to life, aiding her son Horus against Set and gaining power over Ra.

  • Poison Manipulation- tricked Ra into giving her his true name by poisoning him and inducing great pain on him through the poison.
  • Animal Manipulation- used a snake to poison Ra.
  • Healing- Once she obtained her dead husband's corpse pieces, she with assistance from Anubis, assembled them back with her healing powers.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- she was pretty smart and cunning, plus she had a hand in the rise of Egyptian culture.

Horus- god of the Sky, New Ruler of Egypt

Son of Osiris and Isis, He won rulership over Egypt from his ucle Set, with help from his mom Isis.

  • Circadian Manipulation-As King of the Sky, he gets to control whats in the sky.
  • Solar Manipulation- It's said that his right eye is the sun.
  • Lunar Manipulation- His left eye is the moon.
  • Bird Mimicry- He usually takes the form of an eagle.
  • Reincarnation- Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are said to be reincarnations of Horus.

Anubis- god of the dead, and maker of Mummies

Son of Osiris, and another goddess, Anubis once aided Isis in her attempt to revive Osiris.

  • Necromancy- being god of the dead and creator of Mummies gives him this power.

Hathor- goddess of love, enjoyment and music

  • Emotion Manipulation- cause she is a love goddess.
  • Sound Manipulation- as goddess of music she can make music.

Thoth- god of Knowledge

  • Enhanced Intelligence- said to be the creator of writing, passed everything he knew to the gods and the humans.
  • Lunar Manipulation- he controls the phases of the Moon.

Sobek- Creator of the Nile

  • Hydrokinesis- as ruler of the River Nile, he is said to have flooded areas nearby.
  • Reptalian form- He is a crocodile, a dangerous one.

Set- god of Chaos and Evil

  • Chaos Manipulation- he is said to disrupt life in Egypt by bringing storms and plagues.
  • Darkness Manipulation- cause Dark is evil as he is.
  • Perspicuity- Immune to the Hypnotic eye of the serpent Apohis.

Okay, I'm stopping here now. Coming up next I'll be giving Info on the Greek gods. Hope you enjpyed reading this.

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