Hello you have noticed the title says PART 1 cause summing up all of the other reindeer gods/goddesses would be too much. Anyways I will be listing the 12 Olympians and a few other notable deity.

As you see, the Greek Gods were a bunch of jerkasses and did a lot of good/evil/horrbile/etc. things. Heck in Ancient Greece if you wanna die just piss the gods off in any possible way and a bolt of lightning incinerates you. Anyway moving on...

Zeus- Lord of the Thunderbolt, King of the gods, Ruler of Olympus.

King of the Greek Gods. He was known for his affairs with a lot of woman (some of these women were his
descendants). He mostly depicted as a white bearded man with a Thunderbolt on his hand like an arrow.
  • Electrical Manipulation- Probably the Patron god of all Electrokinetics, He is best known for his signature move- THUNDERBOLT!!!! (I'm sorry for the lack of seriousness, just had to do that. >:D) Actually he could do more than just hurl lightning around, he could disintegrate a mountain a beam of lightning or boil the sea with the immense heat of the lightning he makes.
  • Weather Manipulation- As King of the Sky he could control the weather and would bring rain for crops, earning the name Rain-Bringer.
  • Shapeshifting- He has a lot of affairs with women, how he achieves this? By shapeshifting into a hot guy of course! He could turn into different animals as well.
  • Immortality- He could also make people Immortal too.

Hera- Queen of Olympus/the gods.

Wife and Sister of Zeus. Goddess of Marriage, Childbirth and Motherhood. Best known for being a Clingy Jealous Wife. She really can't do anything about Zeus' cheating behavior, besides yelling at him. So she takes all her fury out on the women who Zeus raped/slept with (note: some of these women are completely innocent, yup Hera's a bitch)

  • Geokinesis- had all the landmasses of the world reject a woman Zeus raped (she was pregnant with Zeus' divine twins). Basically Hera made the land stay away from her literally.
  • Teleportation- she's implied to have this ability.
  • Induced Transformation- She turns some of the women Zeus slept/raped with into animals.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- she's quite creative at her punishments on the women Zeus victimized.

Poseidon- King of the Sea

  • Hydrokinesis- Duh, he's the King of the Sea, He made tsunamis and made the ships sink. Oh did I mentioned he was the one who sunked Atlantis?!
  • Animal Manipulation- He commands the creatures of the sea to do his bidding.
  • Electrokinesis- Can blast bolts of lightning from his Trident.
  • Weather Manipulation- ships in the sea drowns due to the storms he make.
  • Geokinesis- He can cause earthquakes with his Trident.
  • Shapeshifting- just like his brother Zeus he uses his power to have his way with both genders.
  • Power Bestowal- Grants the power of Shapeshifting on certain people.
  • Horse Mimicry- Father of the first horses.

Hades- Ruler of the Underworld

  • Dimensional Manipulation- could open rifts and cracks from the Underworld.
  • Invisiblity- with his Helmet of Darkness he can render himself unseen.
  • Geokinesis- In conjunction with his Dimensional Control he could open entrances and exits from the Underworld.

Demeter- goddess of the Earth

  • Geokinesis- She can make the land fertile for crops to grow.
  • Plant Manipulation- Promote the growth of plant life, she can also destroy the crops.
  • Season Control- She was responsible for the changing of the seasons, ever since her daughter went missing.

Hestia- goddess of the Hearth

  • Pyrokinesis- Her only known ability. She doesn't do anything in Greek Myth so nothing is known of her.

Athena- goddess of War

  • Electrokinesis- She often wields Zeus' Thunderbolts.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- She is a cunning strategist in war. She also values the creative arts.

    Athena goddess of war

  • Plant Manipulation- In a contest against Poseidon over a city's allegiance , she won the city by creating a valueble tree.
  • Induced Transformation- Medusa was once a beautiful priestess, until Poseidon charmed her away, angered by this she turned Medusa into a hideous creature with snakes for hair. (Yup it was she who created the famous Snake-haired girl)

Aphrodite- goddess of Love

  • Emotion Manipulation- has the power to make men wanting to have their way with her whenever she's around. She particularly controls the emotion of love.
  • Teleportation- she can vanish whenever she wants to.

Apollo- god of light and the arts

  • Photokinesis- can emit a blinding light wave.
  • Enhanced Marksmanship- can shoot people dead with his golden arrows.
  • Precognition- he can see into the future.
  • Telepathy/Possesion- a conjunction of this power allows him to send prophetic visions to his Oracle.
  • Healing- as god of the healing arts, he can heal any mortal injury.
  • Super Speed- once he chased a huntress to have his way with her, but she got away from him with help from Artemis, his twin goddess sister.
  • Sound Manipulation- He plays awesome music with his Lyre in Olympus.

    Artemis on the hunt

Artemis- goddess of hunting, virginity and the Moon

  • Lunar Manipulation- she controls the aspects of the Moon.
  • Enhanced Marksmanship- really good at shooting arrows with a bow.
  • Induced Transformation- when her twin god brother Apollo was trying to rape one of her follower, she helped her follower get away by turning her into a tree, that way Apollo cannot rape her.

Ares- god of War

  • Enhanced Strength- no human soldier could scratch before he could break them first.
  • Sonic Scream- When he was injured by a spear, he cried with the voice of a 100 men.
  • Teleportation- It's implied, since he's often going into the next place real quick in Myth texts.

Hephaestus- god of Fire and crafting

  • Pyrokinesis- he doesn't tend to use this power but he sure has this.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- He's smart and cunning, plus he's quite creative over the weapons he create.

    Hermes off sending a message again

Hermes- Messenger of the gods, god of thieves, trading and magic.

  • Super Speed- He's really quick.
  • Dimensional Travel- can enter the Underworld and the Upperworld back and forth.
  • Flight- he's got wings on his sandals.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- He's cunning and smart than the rest. When he was an infant he stole a few stuff from Apollo, but he was forgiven after he gave Apollo a Lyre made from a shell of a tortoise. How weirdly creative is that?!

Dionysus- god of wine, madness and party

  • Emotion Manipulation- Induces the emotion of Insanity and Madness.
  • Plant Manipulation- when he was captured by pirates he made vines wrap the entire ship, plus he can make grapes grow to have wine made.
  • Induced Transformation- he turns the pirates who captured him into dolphins.
  • Shapeshifting- wanders around in different disguises, but he still behaves like a drunk partying person.

Alright, guess this is enoughanyway Part 2 will be about the Giant Greek Gods, and the original gods that came before the Olympians. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.