Well, as the title says, does it? Because when I make an article about Insanity being a power, I don't want people commenting about how lame or dumb it is that being crazy is a power. So I'm asking you..YES YOU I'M TALKING TO YOU, Is Insanity a power?

Cause you see there were some situations were an Insane person somehow survives a psychic attack because...they are but nutsy. Here are a few examples:

  • There was this one time in the comics (don't ask me what issue it was I forgot) Martian Manhunter tried to "cure Joker by getting in his head" and well it failed epically as MM here was quite shocked at what he saw inside his head. Hmmm, what a useful thing that is..
  • Then in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, well this demented serial killer, Kimblee, he was shall we say "absorbed" into a monster-child guy named Pride, Pride is basically a monster containing thousands of souls twisted in agony and Kimblee soul ended up there too. He didn't end up screaming in agony along with those souls, cause to him: "The sound of screaming souls sound like lullabies to him".

So see now what wondering here, So can you dear reader, tell me if Craziness counts as a power? Please reply soon.