This post will be about the 7 Deadly Sins and the powers that correspond to them. For those of you who do not know what the 7 Deadly Sins are they are:

  • Pride- arrogance, thinking you're the greatest
  • Envy- jealousy over other people's fortune
  • Wrath- anger and wishing to hurt
  • Sloth- laziness and doing nothing about anything
  • Greed- selfishness and wanting more than enough
  • Gluttony- taking things and wasting them
  • Lust: wanting pleasure and amusement


Pride is said to be the worst sin of all as a person filled with Pride will never even admit their sin as they think they are too perfect to even do anything wrong.

  • Corresponding Power: Illusion Manipulation
  • Reason: the Arrogant thinks so that s/he is great at everything but it's not true just like an Illusion.


Envy is actually worse than Jealousy, Envy is wishing to hurt others because they were either better than you in some way, this sin is connected with Pride.

  • Corresponding Power: Possession.
  • Reason: the person wants to take or worse be the person s/he is jealous of.


Wrath is a terrible sin itself it leads to revenge, murder and chaos. Wrath is connected to Envy as the nvious suffers extreme anger towards the envied.

  • Corresponding Power: Combustion Inducement
  • Reason: when enraged and angry the Wrathful can just explode and vicously hurt others.


Sloth is a the sin that lazy people suffers, lazy people wouldn't care about anything and would not give effort at what s/he is doing.If forced to do a task s/he would find the easy and quick way to finish the task.

  • Corresponding Power: Telekinesis
  • Reason: the lazy Telekinetic can do anything without bothering to lift even a finger.


Greed is selfishness taken to the extreme. This sin is connected to Gluttony and Envy. The Greedy will do just about anything to get more than enough be it money or other things.

  • Corresponding Power: Mineral Manipulation
  • Reason: the Greedy would have the power to control minerals which would generate precious gems, which could be used to get lots of money and I assume you get the reason now.


Gluttony...most people think it's the act of eating too much..well thats the least act of Gluttony, the worst is getting a banquet full of expensive food and having them thrown away like trash, yup Gluttony is the Sin of Wasting.

  • Corresponding Power: Matter Absorption
  • Reason: the Glutton would consume anything leaving the surrounding a barren wasteland.


Most people think Lust is the sin of wanting sex, well not just that, Lust is wanting to be constantly pleasured be it having sex or by being entertained or amused.

  • Corresponding Power: Biological Manipulation
  • Reason: to control the bodies functions in order to continuosly be pleasured.

...okay that ends here now...hopefully you enjoyed reading this post. And if you don't understand anything here then feel free to ask questions. Thanks for reading.