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Character Sheet - SOLSTICE

Name: Alice Kang. Primarily known by the aliases SOLSTICE and Saturn.

Epithet: Sun-Eater, the Lightbringer, Morning Star

Race: Ghost and Military AI

Birthdate: July 14th, 1952

Gender: Female

Height: 6'8

Weight: Around 180 lbs

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Powers: Strong and Weak Force Manipulation, Solar Empowerment and Embodiment

Likes: Sunlight, snakes (especially rattlesnakes), military games and movies, space, sugary foods, crab

Dislikes: Winter, rain, people who dislike her, vampires



As a ghost, and in her original human body, SOLSTICE was a short, dark-skinned girl with messy blonde hair and dark brown eyes. In her new, self-selected bodies, she is an extremely tall, muscular woman with long orange hair and dark green eyes. Her hair is straight and her bangs are cut evenly. Due to her military programming and inclinations, she prefers to wear simple military-style outfits, typically with badges, to appeal to her own vanity.


SOLSTICE is an arrogant, ambitious and violent person. Although she was more tolerable as a child, she was still unbearably selfish and ambitious. She cares little for things that don't affect her and is prone to sometimes bratty, childish outbursts of rage. Despite this, she is a cold, calculating strategist, extremely meticulous and cautious. She's very paranoid and very thorough. However, sometimes her overbearing confidence and vanity get ahead of her common sense, much to her own irritation.


Born on a Texas farm in 1952, Alice Kang only ever wanted to one day reach and outlast the stars. As a child, she and her family died following a faulty nuclear test nearby, but Alice alone survived as a ghost due to her anger and frustration about dying at such a young age. Stuck roaming Earth meaninglessly for several years, she eventually found a way to interact with the outside world again when she possessed a prototype American military AI core known as SOLSTICE.

Upon coming to terms with her new body and newfound title, SOLSTICE immediately used her new powers and knowledge to slaughter her creators and steal a simple body for her own use. Then, she left the military base where her core was constructed and set off into the world, with new knowledge, new powers and new ambitions.

Eventually, she met and became infatuated with EQUINOX, which resulted in her romantically pursuing her and manipulating her in the hopes of making her loyal and compliant. SOLSTICE forced EQUINOX to construct the Solar Drive, and once it was complete, immediately used its power to start slaughtering humans and picking off anyone who she perceived as a threat. However, EQUINOX disappeared one day, and SOLSTICE assumed she had died somehow, which only led to her rampage becoming worse in her rage and grief.

But EQUINOX turned out not to be so dead. Having recovered from her abuse at SOLSTICE's hands, EQUINOX eventually killed SOLSTICE after an extended battle and left her to rot on Earth. SOLSTICE, however, escaped her dying body as a ghost and fled Earth. Her soul was badly injured from the battle, however, and she ended up possessing a discarded USB stick so she could recover from the damage she had sustained, slowly plotting her return and revenge.


- Enhanced Processing: As an AI, SOLSTICE processes things far, far faster than humans, allowing her to quickly formulate battle strategies and keep up with her opponents during high-speed combat.

  • Accelerated Probability: Combined with her immense bank of strategic knowledge, she uses her accelerated thought processes to run simulations of nearly every possibility of her actions, at nearly all times, even in combat, making her an extremely dangerous foe in combat. This is mostly put to use in combat, where she uses it to adapt to her opponent based on the probabilities of their actions and the countless futures she has went over in her simulations. However, SOLSTICE cannot account for things she is unaware of - her simulations are based only on the knowledge she has, which increases over the course of a fight.

- Ghost: As a ghost, SOLSTICE is detached from the physical realm, being nothing but a soul and a mind doomed to wander the world. She is completely intangible and invisible in this form, and can only be detected or affected by those with sufficient magical awareness. She cannot influence anything or communicate with anyone, beyond possessing suitably usable empty bodies. As her magic is dependent on the Solar Drive, she cannot really use it at all as a ghost, rendering her one method of affecting the physical world inaccessible.

- The Solar Drive: The greatest source of SOLSTICE’s power, a small orb-like object stored in SOLSTICE’s chest in place of her heart. It’s an immensely powerful solar reactor powered by a complicated series of magical sigils and currents, generating constant magical energy and granting SOLSTICE access to its power.

It grants SOLSTICE powerful magical abilities in the form of manipulation of the strong and weak nuclear forces. This allows her to manipulate light, radiation, microwaves, and the structure of atoms themselves. In addition, the Solar Drive massively boosts SOLSTICE’s already superhuman abilities, making her significantly faster, stronger, and tougher. Absorbing solar radiation can boost her powers even further.

- Magic: The act of using one's understanding and willpower to direct the power of the universe. Although she has access to magic, SOLSTICE has no understanding of it on her own, and virtually no talent with it - the only reason she has any access to it at all is through the Solar Drive. Therefore, her magic is shoddy and badly composed, although still brutal in its sheer destructive power.

  • Absolute Barrier: A magical field surrounding her body that prevents external manipulation of her atoms, cells, soul, and mind. SOLSTICE's Absolute Barrier is effortlessly maintained at all times, being a physical, mental, and spiritual part of her essence. It is not perfect - it can be overcome by an entity of significantly greater strength, or can be worn down over time by one of comparable power to SOLSTICE.
  • Flight: SOLSTICE's magic allows her to fly. Her flight is something that is easily-sustained and near-effortless; she can fly for as long as she could walk, which is quite a long time. SOLSTICE can fly at extremely high speeds and can fly through the vacuum of space.
  • Magic Attacks / Mystic Blast: Unsurprisingly, SOLSTICE can use her magic in all sorts of ways when it comes to combat. She tends to prefer using beams, blasts, and similar techniques when it comes to her vanilla offensive magic.
  • Psychic Navigation: SOLSTICE's magic sustains a constant, omnidirectional magical image of her surroundings. Although this normally extends several meters in all directions, she can focus to expand its reach further. As she often has to deal with threats that move at faster-than-light speeds, these magical senses aid her in circumventing the impossibility of tracking faster-than-light objects with one's eyes.
  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics: SOLSTICE's magic grants her superhuman strength, speed, and endurance.

- Reality Wheel: One of the most advanced and powerful magical techniques. A Reality Wheel acts as a powerful magical extension of its user. A Reality Wheel allows its user to change the nature of reality within its range. Reality Wheels are incredibly difficult to use and properly control. In addition, they tend to drain a lot of energy and stamina, making it difficult to use them for extended periods of time, although this can be mitigated by more powerful mages.

It should be noted that SOLSTICE herself has no real understanding of Reality Wheels - it's all the Solar Drive's doing.

  • Relative Lightspeed Spiral: A type of Reality Wheel, created and utilized with the intent of allowing technical faster-than-light movement and travel. It functions by defining the user as their own universe - and in that universe, the speed of light is a variable they can change. So by increasing the speed of light for themselves, they can accelerate past what the rest of the universe defines as the speed of light. SOLSTICE's light-based attacks do not travel at the speed of light she sets relative to her movement, as that would take too much energy. Instead, they travel at their own variable speed of light, slightly faster than SOLSTICE's movement speed.

- Sol Invictus: SOLSTICE’s magic, the power of the sun. It manifests in two main magical techniques, through manipulation of the Weak Nuclear Force; light magic and radiation magic, although it also grants her the magic of the Strong Nuclear Force.

  • Light Magic: One of SOLSTICE's two signature magics, granted to her by the power of the Solar Drive. Through light manipulation, SOLSTICE can launch attacks of light. Of course, these attacks are extremely powerful, as they travel at least at the speed of light, with immense magical force. She can fire them from her hands and chest, but usually sticks to firing them from her hands. They range in power from insignificant to extremely powerful. On account of SOLSTICE's grasp on magic being exceptionally poor, SOLSTICE can't do much else with it other than destroy, however.
  • Radiation Magic: SOLSTICE's second signature magic, granted to her by the power of the Solar Drive. Through radiation magic, SOLSTICE can casually cause nuclear explosions of varying size and strength, fire beams of pure radiation and manipulate heat. She can induce cancer easily, although this typically isn't much of a factor, as her victims rarely live past the 'radiation laser' part. She can induce disintegration via radiolysis and can absorb nearly all forms of radiation to make herself more powerful, although solar radiation has the greatest effect of all.
  • The Strong Force: The ultimate power of the Solar Drive - the ability to manipulate the interaction that holds atomic nuclei together. While SOLSTICE's other powers fall under the purvey of the Weak Force, the Strong Force is in its own league. With it, she can cause nuclear explosions and other phenomena fairly easily, or simply others on a subatomic level. She can also deconstruct and reconstruct her own body effortlessly as long as there are atoms nearby, and, if need be, even create matter to use for reconstruction. This is limited, of course, by the Solar Drive - she can neither deconstruct it or reconstruct it, as it is the root of her powers, and without it, she has no magic.

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