Name:Aiden Grey


Aliases: The man with light, multiman

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Power: Aether Manipulation, Power Absorption.

Ally: Daniel Grey, Silverhood                                          

Quotes: "What? Never seen a man with flashlights?" 

"May I join the party?"

"Sorry, I'm not interested at bank robbing so, gonna put that money back?"

Short Bio: Aiden's childhood was terrible, lived in an orphanage, get beat up at school, but Aiden never gived up at one thing, Freedom, he waited until he was old enough to finally get freedom. But them one day after hanging out with friends there was a gang that always beats Aiden and his friends, they even stole all of Aiden's stuff once or twice. Then Aiden couldn't take anymore and punched one of the gang, but the got even more angry and punched back, and the other gangs punched him too, but Aiden still stood up and kept punching them, but then, the pulled out a knife and tried to stab Aiden, but suddenly Aiden lifted his hand and a bright light shined in the palm of his hands, then he saw, the gangs where at the ground, his friends were shocked, that was when he discovered his abilities.