I was jsut thinking if the possibility of creating a pardox could like overule an omnipotent. See here's the situation, we have an omnipotent being who created the entire omniverse. Then we have a guy who's not omnipotent but has Paradox Inducement on an omniversal level. Now he does something illogical like erasing himself from all of the omnivers,e so basically he was never born and never existed in the omniverse. Now would and omnipotent being know that he did that, or since he erased himself from the omniverse, and therefore erased himself from their realm of creation, how could they know. Because you're only omnipotent over what you create and someone just eliminated themselves from that. So I basically want to know if an omnipotent being would know what happened or since this guy erased himself form the omniverse, does the omnipotent one not know?