Species Name: Elementurians

Aliases: The True Deites, The Creators, The Masters, The Elemantal Ones, True Gods of Power, The Unstoppable Ones (referred to by hostile civilizations who fear them), The Dimension/Realm Keepers, The Sacred Gods, Masters of the Supernatural and Psychic, The Protectors (referred by those who were saved and allied with them), The Grand Leaders,

Home: The Center of the Universe (Actual Location covered up by the All governments and kept in Area 51)

Age: N/A

Allies: The Arcturians, Gods of Olympus, other Friendly Alien Civilizations

Enemies: Antimordials,The Great Old Ones, The Devil, Anti-Gods, Demons, Cursed Souls, Hostile Aliens Civilizations

Power is only wielded by those who are worthy of it, not those who want it badly - Draconix

Hobbies: Insuring every civilization is safe from danger, Practicing their Powers,

Skills/Abilities: Martial Arts Intuition, Ultimate Fighter, Absolute Attack, Absolute Defense, Ultimate Invincibility, Ultimate Intangibility, Elemental Powers and abilities (depends what elemental power you or the user has), Attack Prediction, Omnibenevolence, Transcendent Physiology, Mythic Physiology, Dimension/Realm Travel, Weapon Proficiency, Enhanced Condition, Absolute Existence, Light Side Aspect Manipulation

Powers: Omnipotence, Omnikinesis, Primordial Light Manipulation, Omniscience, Omniverse Manipulation, Absolute Immortality, Omnificence

History: Nothing is known about their history due to the fact that it has been covered up by multiple governments. All is known is the fact that they were the creators of the universe, masters of psychic powers, and protectors of all the omniverse.

Main Members
Draconix (God of Omnipotence/Leader of the Elementurians)
Jessica (Goddess of Omnipotence/Co-Leader of the Elementurians)
Anakin (Second God of Omnipotence/Son of Draconix and Jessica)
Iseus (God of Fire/Weapons Maker)
Zeton (God of Magic/General of the Elementurians)
Deltos (God of Electricty/Head of the Elementurian Air Force)
Araura (Goddess of Air/Elementurian Commander)
Goliath (God of Water/Head of the Elementurian Navy)
Alton (God of Earth/Elementurian General/Head of the Elementurian Police, CIA, FBI, Martial Law, Military, and Black Op Operations)
Iris (Goddess of Nature/Elementurian Commander)
Hyton (God of Cosmic/Universal Powers/Brains of the Elementurians)


  • The Elementurians are one of the oldest civilizations known.
    • Rumors and Legends say that the Elementurians' origins date back before the Big Bang.