Name: Acheron

Alias: King of all Darkness, The Omnimalevolent One, The Destroyer, The Dark Master,

Alignment: Omnimalevolent Bad

Gender: Male

Species: Antimordial

Likes: Darkness, Destruction, Success

Dislikes: Failure, Light, Elementurians, Draconix

Motto: "Darkness will always be in the balance.....always."

"You think you are strong enough to hold out till the reboot of the universe?!" -Acheron when confronting Draconix.
"I am Darkness, I am.........Death" -Acheron when beginning the War for Elementurus.
"When I see you again, You'll regret the day when you rebooted the whole world" -Acheron before dying.
"It's so glad to be back" -Acheron after he regained his memories.

Age: Unknown

Skills: Enhanced Strength, Necromancy, Ultimate Fighter,

Powers: Anti-God, Dark Element Manipulation, Omnikinesis, Origin Destroyer, Death-Force Manipulation, Nether Manipulation

His Reign of Destruction:Acheron was the destroyer of all the universes out there and was the true evil. He was laid to rest after his long reign of 900,000 years. He was latter revived by his right hand man after the Civil War between the Elementurians and the Black Sorcerers. He knew that it was the perfect timing because the Elementurians were weak after the bombing and he began a devastating war on Elementurus to end their elemental reign.
Recreation: After the Big Bang, Acheron suffered the same fate as Draconix. After he regained his memories back, he then created a portal and created the Realm of Eternal Shadows. After he went into the realm, Acheron then brought back every Anti-God and they began creating the Realm of Eternal Shadows to make it a little more "beautiful".


  • Acheron is ironically the father of Satan who later rebelled against him but later rejoined his side.
  • Acheron apparently also survived and suffered the same fate as Draconix after the Big Bang.
    • One thing which was different the Draconix's fate was that he created a portal and created the Realm of Eternal Shadows and brought every Anti-God back.