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  • I live in Cybertron
  • My occupation is Being in the Cybertronian Elite Guard
  • I am an Autobot Commander
  • Predacon Blazer

    Name: Acheron

    Alias: King of all Darkness, The Omnimalevolent One, The Destroyer, The Dark Master,

    Alignment: Omnimalevolent Bad

    Gender: Male

    Species: Antimordial

    Likes: Darkness, Destruction, Success

    Dislikes: Failure, Light, Elementurians, Draconix

    Motto: "Darkness will always be in the balance.....always."

    "You think you are strong enough to hold out till the reboot of the universe?!" -Acheron when confronting Draconix.
    "I am Darkness, I am.........Death" -Acheron when beginning the War for Elementurus.
    "When I see you again, You'll regret the day when you rebooted the whole world" -Acheron before dying.
    "It's so glad to be back" -Acheron after he regained his memories.

    Age: Unknown

    Skills: Enhanced Strength, Necromancy, Ultimate Fighter,

    Powers: Anti-God, …

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  • Predacon Blazer

    Name: Draconix

    Alias: The Creator of Everything, The Master, The True God,

    Alignment: Omnibenevolent Good

    Gender: Male

    Species: Elementurian

    Likes: Respectable People, Friendly and Kind people, Art, Success, Writing, Any type of Martial Art

    Dislikes: People who annoy him, Failure, Cultists, Rude and Mean People,

    Motto: "Power is only wielded by those who are worthy of it, not those who want it badly."

    Age: Unknown

    Skills/Abilities: Enhanced Swordsmanship, Martial Arts Intuition, Enhanced Strength, Ultimate Fighter

    Powers: Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnificence, Absolute Attack, Absolute Immortality,

    During his Early life:
    Childhood- During his childhood, Draconix was a normal child who lived an average life. His life changed when one day at his …

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  • Predacon Blazer

    Species Name: Elementurians

    Aliases: The True Deites, The Creators, The Masters, The Elemantal Ones, True Gods of Power, The Unstoppable Ones (referred to by hostile civilizations who fear them), The Dimension/Realm Keepers, The Sacred Gods, Masters of the Supernatural and Psychic, The Protectors (referred by those who were saved and allied with them), The Grand Leaders,

    Home: The Center of the Universe (Actual Location covered up by the All governments and kept in Area 51)

    Age: N/A

    Allies: The Arcturians, Gods of Olympus, other Friendly Alien Civilizations

    Enemies: Antimordials,The Great Old Ones, The Devil, Anti-Gods, Demons, Cursed Souls, Hostile Aliens Civilizations

    Power is only wielded by those who are worthy of it, not those who want it …

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