My powers and abilities, charcter that is me=

Name  Anti-god and God or you can call me the "G" man = Googolplexian man

Alignment truely good neutral 

Powers- I have Monothesitic Deity Physiology,Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence and complete arsenal, Almighty powers, Omniarch,inverse-omnipotence,omninescience, singular reality existence, nonexistence, omnimalevolence, Googolplexian strength,stamina,endurance,healing power, attack, defense ,jumping,flying power, protection, weight, psychic power ,mental, soul power, inner power,speed,power level, death, evil,life,goodness,personal powers,abilities, currency, Cosmic Powers,creation power,destructive power ,conceptual powers,aura powers,chemical powers,toxic powers,grant wishes,element power ,vision ,sound ,hearing,omni powers,absolute powers,meta powers,almighty powers,extreme power immunities,extreme resistances to all powers, elements, forces, and tempartures ,primordial powers,trandescent powers,prime source and magic power etc!!! !!!  i can handle any/all powers,immunities and abilities

Quotes I am god, i see everything and know everything and i am watching and listening!!!! 

Occupation I am primordial of all creation!!!!!   i am even before all the universes were even made, Supreme being, I have authority of all existence, and Primordial void!!!!

History I am made up of all pure Primordial energy!   I was born before anything that existed!  I am class of 13x Infnity!!!!!  

Helix nebula ngc 7293 planetary fog