New York City at night HDR edit1
(Order: Grand, EMC, Vulture)

-The Bronx borough. 10:32 P.M. Eastern Standard Time-

The crisp, cold night air, littered with white snow that fell from the heavens, was filled with the sounds of cars driving and the bright lights typical of a metropolis of New York's size. Almost everyone else was sleep or preparing to, the lights shining from many houses going off, and those who were awake were more active than ever.

Be it because a Hallow was located here, the Gauntlet was weak in this location, or something else entirely, the Bronx was a hotspot of supernatural activity, mage or not. Task Force VALKYRIE, a government conspiracy dedicated to hiding the existence of the supernatural froom the public and that specialize in hunting monsters down, knew this, as it was the first place of their investigation. Reports of attacks from men in black, entire cabals gone missing, and many other startling accounts were starting to crop up in the supernatural community in New York, but they weren't the only hunters in town.

The Cheiron Group, a European pharmaceutical and medical conglomerate that augments its hunters with body parts taken from the supernatural, had also taken hold in the city, in Midtown Manhattan, and they've been sending their agents to collecting "potential assests" and killing whoever or whatever in their way. 

Both groups were a threat and they had to be stopped. Your and your cabal had received an anonymous email that spoke of a cadre of VALKYRIE agents arriving in the West Bronx tonight, and you and your cabal have decided to investigate it. The anonymous individual, under the username of Sir Zero, said to be in the location specified at 10:36. 4 more minutes left.  You and your cabalmates were walking to the specified coordinates.

As you all walk down the sidewalk, drawing closer to the coordinates, you and your cabal hear the tell-tale sounds of gunfire in an alleyway not too far from your current location.

(Intelligence + Investigation to see what's going on; Apply +1 bonus or -1 penalty if applicable)