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All parts of a greater whole, moving towards further improvement.

Preface: After countless millennia of hard work and technological advancement, a new culture, a unified culture, now has total control over the entirety of the seven galaxies. Most of this power and territory was acquired through the nurturing of amicable relationships between alien civilizations. The Intergalactic Kingdom of Sol was an effort started by Vallantro as a method to unify and reconcile several alien races under one flag.

History of the IKS

The Beginning:

This goal was merely an offshoot of Vallantro's original goal: to unify humanity. In the year 2040 A.D, Vallantro succeeded in unifying mankind under the flag of the the Syndicate of Humanity. This was accomplished through combined use of his innovative psionic magitech (invented two years prior to the unification of mankind), which exponentially increased humanity's technological advanced due to its polyvalent and efficient nature, amiable trading deals with extradimensional societies and beings, and the vast engineering capabilities of his own powers. These factors allowed Vallantro to transform all of civilization and the planet itself into a utopia of sorts.

Several years after the creation of this worldwide paradise, concerns regarding population and spacing issues were brought to the Syndicate's attention. To answer these concerns, Vallantro, using normal matter as a basis, created an  exotic matter template and reworked its properties and form into suitable vessels for interplanetary travel. After which, he infused these with sentient psionic magitech and equipped them with a self-replenishing power source (zero-point energy field generator) .

Sending these vessels to Mars, they terraformed the planet into something inhabitable by humans and other Earth life. In the span of days, the vessels set to work by creating a breathable atmosphere, jumpstarting the once-dead magnetosphere, refilling the planet's dry rivers and oceans, and remaking the planet's weather and overall climate into something bearable. After the planet was completely transformed to meet the needs of the burgeoning human populace, the Syndicate of Humanity recalled these vessels and began ferrying humans to the new Mars.

Branching Out:

Viewing this as a prime opportunity to secure the future of the human race, the Syndicate of Humanity repeated the same process with all possible moons and planets within the Solar System. Humanity also began to alter the very composition of the Solar System itself. For instance, the entirety of the Asteroid Belt was remade into a planetoid that served as a communications hub and power relay for the terraformed moons beyond Mars.

Thinking it was time to finalize humanity's control over its solar system, Vallantro used his exotic matter template and imbued it with the necessary properties to function as a particle construction device (breaks down ambient matter into its elementary particles and recombines them to create the desired materials; also works on dark matter, albeit with more flexibility and potential for exotic materials and templates).

Immediately, he launched his creation into the outlying Oort Cloud and programmed them to construct an all-encompassing (in terms of the solar system) Dyson Sphere (each named with name of the star) that would replace the Oort Cloud itself. Such a project would allow for the transmission of energy and information at FTL due to the psionic network that would be established by this megastructure. After two years of work, the Dyson Sphere was completed and all territory controlled by the human race was connected to it.

First Contact

After centuries of living in a utopian state (The year is now 2764 A.D.), humanity grew restless once more. So, astronomers and astrophysicists, using the advanced tech now available to them, sent probes to scour the Milky Way for suitable exo-planets for the human race to inhabit. During this search, the probes came across several worlds stripped of all biotic factors and left as barren husks and what appeared to be an alien race calling itself "the Akral".

The "race" could be likened to various colonial insects present on Earth and the terraformed moons and worlds. The race was a superorganism that stripped entire worlds of any and all biological and genetic material that it could harvest and used it to evolve and grow. Assimilated adaptations and genetic material seemed to be able to be shared with the rest of the superorganism . All of their technology seemed to be based off of entirely biological foundations. For example, their ships are sentient biomass connected to the Akral hivemind and cultured and grown to survive the rigors of interstellar travel.

Based on data gathered from the probes, the Akral organism had ravaged countless worlds and their trajectory indicated they'd arrive in the Sol System within months. Vallantro and the Syndicate of Humanity rallied their forces and began constructing a plan to defeat the Akral superorganism. 3 weeks before the projected arrival of the Akral organism near the Sol Sphere, a dozen Akralian scouts hit the Sol Sphere. Seeing it as a chance to further study the Akral, Vallantro ordered the cosmically-powered metahumans of the Sol Protection Corps to capture and transport these scouts to a research center stationed on Titan. 

On Titan, the world's greatest minds (including Vallantro and his reformed father) worked against the clock to study the inner workings of the biochemistry and physiology of these Akral vessels to find a way to defeat them. However, current science was not enough to understand the mind-boggling complexity of the Akral. Using his power, Vallantro scanned them and wrote down all the gathered information. Vallantro created a psionic magitech construct that would masquerade itself as an Akral scout down to molecular level, infiltrate the Akral superorganism, infect the superorganism with copies of itself, and gradually gain control of the Akral from the inside-out.

Advancement of the Human Condition: Transhumanism

The Dawn of a New Scientific Age: The IKS' Technology

With the advent of psionic magitech, an invention that would be sure to expedite and increase the rate of scientific discovery; the collective intellience of the world's supergeniuses; and assimilating the scientific knowledge of alien civilizations; the rate of scientific advancement within in the Intergalactic Kingdom of Sol has incrased almost exponentially.  Below are some of the I.K.S' advances:

Psionic Magitech:

Psionic Magitech

Psionic Magitech is the very creation that opened the gateway to the I.K.S' eventually scientific evolution. It is Vallantro Phoenix's greatest invention and a boon to all of the I.K.S. Psionic Magitech is ultimate eclectic blend of magic, technology, and psionic powers, reconciling all three aspects of itself to accomplish once impossible or simply theoretical feats. It's place in society is nigh-omnipresent, only surpassed by Vallantro's templates that he uses to create materials needed to build any structure. All psionic magitech is connected to the FATE Network which is controlled by FATE, a psionic magitech A.I.

The psionic aspect of psionic magitech allows it to directly interface with human and/or other sentient minds, thereby allowing for FTL transference of information between human minds and other units of psionic magitech; endows it with a certain sentience, allowing for more flexible decisions; gives it control over its own subatomic structure due to ultimate-level telekinesis; and a lot of flexibility in terms of programming, eliminating pesky processing errors that normal technology posseses.

The magical aspect of psionic magitech allows it to break the laws of physics and supplant them with the laws of magic. Seeing as how magic is a mental discipline, the psionic aspect allows it to perform subtle magic manipulations seamlessly, as if it were a seasoned magi. The effects of these subtle manipulations give psionic magitech the ability to do the seemingly impossible. 

The technological aspect of psionic magitech serves as a basis, a foundation for its other aspects to build upon and improve. This aspect is tasked with controlling and balancing out the other aspects. For example, the technological aspect of psionic magitech is tasked with decoding the "brainwaves" of the psionic aspect and turning it into usuable data. This aspect usually deals with coding, decoding, and the transportation of information.

FATE Network

FATE Network:  The FATE Network is named after the head psionic magitech A.I. in control of all others, FATE. This network is a repository of any data that the I.K.S possesses or is being collected by other A.I. There even are special "centers" on the FATE Network dedicated to the storage of replicated human consciousnesses and memories. Any human with an A.I wired into their mind can access it, albeit only ones they are granted clearance to. Not only can information be downloaded, skills and talents of other living humans can be dowloaded, so long as one has permission.  It is the sum total of the I.K.S' knowledge and holds a similar function to the long abandoned "Internet" of the 21st Century. The FATE network is monitored by the Department of Cyber Affairs and FATE herself.

Quantum Engineering and Quantum Technology:

Quantum Engineering

Thanks to Vallantro Phoenix's power to redefine the properties of items, his genius, and the nature of psionic magitech, the I.K.S is capable of engineering elementary particles, impose some of the laws of quantum reality on the macrocosmic reality, and manipulate the four fundamental forces of reality with ease. Using Quantum Engineering and Vallantro's "templates", the I.K.S can bring new types of matter, never before concieved, into existence. This allows the I.K.S control over all forms of baryonic, exotic, and dark matter.

Genetic Engineering:

Genetic Manipulation

Through the utilization of psionic magitech nanites and the advance knowledge of genetics acquired from an assimilated alien race, citizens of the I.K.S can edit, unravel, mix strands, and just flat out replace their DNA how ever they please. Dominant genes can be repressed in favor of recessive ones, genes from other species can be added to subject, etc. etc. Even the infamous Meta Gene can be duplicated and inserted into the subject's genome. Usually, before this procdure, a copy of the original DNA should genetic destabilization occur. There are even entirely artifical DNA strands constructed completely out of magitech nanites that can create and maintain several, usually more unstable, exotic combinations that normal DNA cannot. These strands tend to be more than double-helix, with triple-helix DNA strands being common.

Spatio-Temporal Technology:

Wormhole Technology

Reverse engineered from another conquered race that learned the secrets of space-time, the I.K.S now knows them as well. Through the construction of Einstein-Rosen bridge fueled by dark energy, the I.K.S can now transport its ships instantaneously accross space-time. This method has become so popular, "gateways" connected to a central gateway network have been constructed.

Aside from the creation of wormholes,  the I.K.S now possesses technology capable of altering the space inside of a room, leading to rooms and buldings that are larger on the inside. There has also been the creation of devices that can generate pocket dimensions usable for storage; these have become very popular with the public.  There has been talk of the Sol Department of Science working on a way to affect entire dimensions themselves, but it's mostly rumor.

Along with space, the I.K.S can also manipulate and warp time. Time travel is acheived through the creation of a specially designed wormhole that does not just link two points in space, but also two points in time as well. They can also slow down or speed up the flow of time in a a relative space.


The Omega Codec:

The Omega Codex

The Omega Codec is a mysterious metaphysical code stored on a fourth-dimensional tesseract. Not much is known about its creators, but it is inferred by the Sol Department of Science that they must have been hyperintelligient, seeing as how they could encrypt code on a metaphysical reality. As time passes, more and more of the code is being decrypted and converted to something more comprehensible, new technologies are being created and reverse-engineered from it.

From what FATE could decode, which was just a small fraction of it due to its almost incomprehensible complexity, it appears to be a reality warping device of great power. Replicating what they could, the I.K.S created the Theta Codec which, when used, allows to the wielder to manipulate reality in a dualistic manner, rationally and irrationally, on the scale of up to a galaxy. These manipulations can range from manipulation of variables down to the quantum and metaphysical levels; impose laws onto reality that must be followed and are unbreakable, sometimes these laws are illogical and self-contradictory; subject reality to the activator's interpretation of it; and several other effects. Despite this power. it is only used when faced with apocalyptic-level threats to the kingdom, and even when used, it can't be used for another thousand years. The Theta and Omega Codecs are kept on a top-secret base stationed inside of a black hole under the protection of the kingdom's elite. 

Deus Est Machina: FATE (Femtomic Android Technomagic Endbrain)

Religion and Philosophy

Politics and Social Structure

Sol Protection Corps

Sol Protection Corps

Sol Protection Corps base on Kryolseon Prime

The Sol Protection Corps, SCP for short, was originally created in the year 2056 for the purpose of protecting the Sol system from threats, whether magical; eldritch; extradimensional; or even alien. However, as the centuries went by, it became apparent that humanity needed a military force that could adeptly protect the IKS and dispatch hostile empires. 

The Sol Protection Corps is overseen and directed by the king himself, Vallantro Phoenix, and his assistant, FATE. As such, As such, they are afforded greater access to the more advanced technology of the IKS, it's more delicate files, and is in control of the kingdom's superweapons.  Because it is directly managed by FATE, the SCP is given access to technologies such as superintelligent sentient psionic magitech AI that take care of logistics, military strategy and tactical analysis through the use of game theory and predictive models, and commanding lesser intelligent golems; ships capable of repairing themselves through the use of psionic magitech nanites; advanced wormhole and dimensional technology; and experimental time warping devices. 

There are several branches within the Sol Protection Corps, each with a specific task to ensure the safety and well-being of the IKS. The most prominent of these branches are the Ministry of Foreign Intelligence (the Eclipse Corps), the Department of Cyber Affairs (the DCA), the Minsitry of Protection, and the Sol Department of Science (the SDS).

The Ministry of Foreign Intellience (The Eclipse Corps or MFI): The Ministry of Foreign Intelligence, known as the Eclipse Corps to its members, is a department of the Sol Protection Corps that deals with gathering intel on benevolent and hostile empires. To the public,  it's what they think it is: a branch of government that deals with other civilizations. However, that's just a cover. In reality, the MFI is a covert group that deals in spec-ops and espionage on targets the IKS deems suspicious.

Eclipse Corps Agent
All members of the Eclipse Corps are taught the arts of epsionage, deception, and political manipulation. Each agent wears little to no armor, seeing as how they aren't supposed to get into situations that require such armor, and are equipped with a wide array of technological devices that the public isn't aware of.

Every agent has been augmented and enhanced mentally and biologically to ensure that each mission is completed efficiently and fully. For example, each agent posses a personalized A.I. consciousness wired directly into their brain that allows them to shield their mind from enemy psions, silently and efficiently communicate with other agents without alerting enemy sensors, multitask and carry out multiple thought processes at once, utilize technopathic capabilties such as hacking and data manipulation, and ferry information back and forth directly to FATE. 

Agents are often tasked with infiltration of the IKS's enemies, taking them down from the inside; discovering vital intel, sending it directly into FATE's databanks for late use; undercover missions that require shapeshifting abilities; recovery of escaped criminals; or the manipulation of enemy political officals through psychic means.

Department of Cyber Affairs:

The Ministry of Protection:

Sol Department of Science:

Weapons, Superweapons, and Vehicles of War


Antimatter Singularities:

White Hole Bombs:

Weaponized Pocket Dimensions:

Exotic Matter Missiles:

Jack the Ripper:

Agent Orange:

Neutron Stars:

Vehicles of War

Standard Aircraft Carriers:

Standard Sol Protection Corps Aircraft Carrier

Standard Aircraft Carriers are silent and efficient machines that are never used outside of the IKS' borders. They are composed of a new composite created by Vallantro that is lightweight, self-replicating, flexible, and durable. These carriers  contain a psionic magitech A.I. "head" that carry out several important functions. The commanders of these carriers are telepathically and empathetically linked to the A.I. for maximal optimization and control.

Not just used for the deployment of aircraft, they are also fitted with several defensive and offensive capabilities to protect its payload. The carrier is protected by an invisible hexagonal solid energy force-field capable of absorbing energy-based projectiles and the kinetic energy of any projectile that comes into contact with it. This shield, at maximum power and optimal condition, could survive the force and heat of 20 nuclear bombs before being destroyed entirely. Beneath this invisible shield, there is a thin veil of psionic magitech nanites that respond to the A.I's and the commander's orders, changing their molecular makeup to become more durable and stronger . The carrier also possess electromagnetic bending tech, capable of completely hiding it from any sort of detection that relies on the electromagnetic spectrum; density manipulation capabilities thanks to the thin veil of nanites; and intangibility capabilities thanks to the advanced dimensional technology the Sol Protection Corps has access to.

These carriers are usually armed with turrets that fire highly destructive bursts of electromagnetic energy;  golems are that one with the carrier, meaning they are created by it; and bombs of unstable particles capable of leveling three city blocks, to say the least.

Sentient Automated Fighter Jets:

Automated Sentient Fighter Jets

Standard Warships:

Sol Protection Corps Warship

Standard Battleships:

Standard Battleships