This blog is going to be dedicated to finding mundane uses for just about any power you can speak of....(excluding OmnipotenceOmniscienceOmnipresence, or the various powers like these. EX: Omni-Creator). Other than that, every other power is free game and you can describe how you would use them if you had them IRL, as long as the use is mundane in nature. If I like the example enough, I'll even put it in the blog under Notable Examples. There are no limits to the amount of powers you can give examples for. Now, go wild. :P

Read Mundane Utility and Power Perversion Potentialfor a better understanding.

My power(s) and what I'd use it(them) for.

Meta Summoning-

Now, no one can lie and say that they wouldn't give anything to have this power and reap the benefits for themselves. ;) But seriously, the amount of mundane utilities for this power is almost imnumerable. I'll get right to the examples.

  • Example #1: The Orb of Knowledge aka The Orb of Not Studying.
    • It's a simple thing really. You summon a sentient orb filled with practically limitless knowledge and have it empathetically attuned to you. This way, you only get the knowledge you need when you need it, instead of being bombarded by limitless knowledge and having your brain shutdown from the overload. Also, you can draw knowledge from it manually, instead of waiting for a time when you need it. For extra effect, make it invisble to all but you, making yourself seem like a genius. 
    • Bottom line: No more studying. Ever. (Note: I don't ever study, yet I'm a great student so....This just allows me to procrastinate even more and get away with it. Having my cake and eating it to. :P)
  •  Example #2: Harem Creation aka No More Forever Alone
    • Do I really need to explain this one? It's one of the most glaringly obvious abuses of this power. Hell, the Gallery (Court) section is dedicated to this. But yeah, you can create an entire group of males, females, or whatever gender you prefer that are custom made to your desires and love you no matter what.
    • Bottom line: No more loneliness. :P
  • Example #3: Badass Butlers aka Procrastination, and Assassination
    • Badass Butlers. Nuff said. But seriously, most people imagine themselves having a badass butler like Alfred (hey, he has his moments), Sebastian Michealis, or Walter C. Dornez. But, with Meta Summoning, you could make any character in all of fiction to be your butler/maid.
    • Choice for being my butler(s): Captain Marvel (Marvel), Ultimate Captain Marvel, Nate Grey, and Walter C. Dornez.