Name: Xavier Haden

Age: 28

Shadow Name: Virgil

Virtue: Temperance

Vice: Wrath

Derangement(s): Bipolar Disorder


OrderThe Adamantine Arrow

Legacy: The Perfected Adept

Concept: Mercenary, Unseen Assassin

ArcanumPrime (Disciple), Forces (Disciple), Life (Adept), Spirit (Adept), Matter (Disciple)

Rank: Adept

AttainmentsBody TempleChi Force

Motto: "Seek perfection within."

Quotes: "You and I, we're very much alike, y'know. We're both cynical, aggressive nutjobs who do whatever they want, when they want. However, a major difference exists that drives a rift between us: I'm not a greedy son of a bitch who fucks over his friends for more money. In light of that, you and your contract can go fuck itself. We're doing this and there's nothing you can say that will change my mind."

"You see, the problem with Mastigos mages like you is you all treat every Sleeper, Mage, etc. around you like fuckin' pawns. We're people, Matthias, not  tools! Forget about your damned damaged pride and move on and stop keeping secrets from us. In other words, start treating me and Elise like we're people or this is makeshift cabal thing we got going on is over, understand me?!"

"You must have some pretty big balls to disobey the God-Machine. They must be even bigger if you decided you were going to attack even one of my cabalmates just to screw over the God-Machine. If we weren't in this situation, I'd be pretty impressed. But we're not, so I'm going to ask you nicely: Step the fuck away from my cabalmate or I'll reduce you to spare parts, you mechanical failure."

Occupations: Talon of the Adamantine Arrow, Merc for Hire

ArchtypesAnti-Hero, Every Scar Has A Story,  Tall, Dark and Snarky, Professional Killer


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Weapons: Combat Knife, GLOCK 42, Desert Eagle, Enchanted Glaive