Dmmd murderer by al lamp-d60mors

Name: Mordecai Rowen

Age: 24

Shadow Names: Dust, Timaeus, Alan 

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Lust

Derangement(s): Schizophrenia


Order: The Free Council

LegacyThe Celestial Masters

Concept: Failed Scientist

Arcanum:Matter (Adept), Forces (Adept), Death (Adept), Spirit (Disciple), Space (Disciple)

Rank: Adept

Attainments:  Celestial TelescopeAll Is StardustLight Long Dead

Motto: "The Tapestry is guiding us to new paths, always"

Quotes: "Now, hear me out on this. Logically speaking, there is no difference between dirt and a rabbit; well, aside a rabbit being, well, alive and all that, but that's nothing. They're both made of atoms, which is matter, and matter is energy and vice versa....So they're both lightning or something. Y'know, you should just give me the money."

"Entropy. Decay. Death. Undeath. Matter. These are the realms of reality that a Necromancer has power over, and it is in these realms that the most hubris arises. The power to turn ash into diamond, convort with the dead, and control the undead would, understandably, make any mage foolish enough to believe their own pride and power to think that they're God. Ah, yes, mages walk a fine line between warpers of reality to mad gods."

Y'know, before I was crazy -when was that ever a reality?-  I was a gnostic atheist. For me, there was no God and I knew that perfectly well, though I knew that there were spirits, other realms, magic, and so on and so forth.  But then I went crazy and I saw the gears of the God-Machine. I don't know how it fits in with the Supernal -no one does, you loon- but I do know that it and its angels are powerful. I really want to dissect one of its angels, for scientific purposes of course. Also, fuck you Alan."

Occupations: Freelance Occult Scientist, Parapsychologist

ArchetypesTalkative Loon,  Bunny-Ears Lawyer,  Gadgeteer Genius,  Mad Scientist,  Badass Bookworm

ThemeMelanie Martinez - Mad Hatter

Character Data