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Name: Matthias Wright

Age: 24

Shadow Name: Lucifer

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Wrath

Derangement: Sociopathy

Path: Mastigos

Order: Guardians of the Veil

LegacyBearer of the Eternal Voice

Concept: Unseen Assassin, Callous Puppeteer 

Arcanum:Mind (Adept), Space (Adept), Forces (Adept), 

Prime (Disciple), Life (Disciple)

Rank: Adept

Attainment(s): The Perfected Conversation, The Gilded Speech, Spoken Reality 

Motto:  "Sins for a just end grant wisdom to the Awakened."

Quotes: "Sleepers and most Awakened are blind to what's truly going on, to who truly rules the Fallen World. The Exarchs and the Seers of the Throne control the Fallen World by manipulating gullible Sleepers with promises of power, wealth, and fame. Though their control is not total, it is vast as it is ancient, preying on the paranoia and ignorance of Sleepers caused by the Lie.  But we, the Guardians of the Veil, will be the instruments of their defeat, the unravelers of ancient plots that they have woven."

"The Guardians of the Veil are the plotters and assassins of the mage world. We protect the gift of Awakening from the unenlightened and heretical through lies that transform into secret societies and religions. Conspiracies and myths are our chessboard, and you and your ilk, the pieces. You're only here because we willed it so. Know your place or we will gladly educate you thoroughly on where it is that you belong. You Awaken and you think yourself a god? You are unworthy of your status."

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Occupation: Famulus of the local Guardians of the Veil, Loretender and Edgetender of the Custodes Secretorum cabal.

ArchetypesDeadpan SnarkerManipulative BastardConsummate LiarConspiracy TheoristProfessional KillerFaux Affably Evil

ThemeHollywood Undead - Pain

Personal Data:


Personality: Matthias is an arrogant, intelligent, and anger-prone mage. However, he is willing to fight for his ideal of "justice" through any means that he deems necessary. He usually operates from behind the scenes, manipulating key individuals and forming alliances that help meet his goals. When his plans fail, Matthias has a tendency to go into fits of rage. He only kills when necessary or ordered to do so by his superiors. He appears to be a serious man, only belied by the occasional sarcastic quip or smug smile. Although he puts on airs of politeness and likeability, he secretly delights in the suffering and pain of those who he thinks deserve it; he also takes great pleasure in manipulating these sort to help further his ideal of "justice" or his own goals. He's also slighly paranoid, as he believes there are higher powers at work in mage society that he has yet to discover.

Likes: Reading, Arcane tomes, Scheming, Solving Puzzles

Dislikes: The Free Council, Banishers, Seers of the Throne, Scelesti, Users of 'vulgar' magic

Weapons: Dagger, GLOCK 42, Desert Eagle

Nimbus: Whenever Matthias casts a spell, the sounds of cawing crows and talons scratching against something fills the room. His shadow gains angelic wings and a scythe-like weapon. Shadows of objects around him flicker and distort, changing into all manner of shapes or disappearing entirely. Objects near him seem display weird properties, with all of their sides being visible at once or appearing  to be constantly moving away from the viewer.

Custodes Seceretorum (The Keepers of Secrets)

  • Representation of the cabal's sigil
  • Matthias Wright, Edgetender and Loretender of the Custodes Secretorum
  • Xavier Hayden, Doorwarden of the Custodes Secretorum
  • Elise Harrison, Farseeker and Hearthmaster of the Custodes Secretorum
: Mathias Wright, Elise Harrison, Xavier Hayden

Sanctum: An abadoned church located in the inner city of Allentwon that they fixed up and created a Hallow for.

Sigil/Symbol: Metatron's cube with the Platonic solids within each perfect circle on the outer rim. The Flower of Life lies within the cube's central cirlce.

Motto: "Abscondita est fortitudo..."


  • Matthias Wright (Lucifer) - Loretender and Edgetender, responsible for maintaing the cabal's mystical resources and keeping the cabal's history and knowledge.
  • Elise Harrison (Diana) -  Hearthmaster and Farseeker, responsible for maintaining the cabal's sanctum and providing resources
  • Xavier Hayden (Virgil) - Doorwarden, responsbile for protecting the cabal and its sanctum.