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Mage: The Awakening Sheet: Matthew Zhao

Random guy portait by tracetincin-d4srt6n

Name: Matthew Zhao

Age: 24

Shadow Name: Lucifer

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Wrath

Derangement: None

Path: Mastigos

Order: Guardians of the Veil

LegacyBearer of the Eternal Voice

Concept: Unseen Assassin, Puppeteer


Rank: Initiate

Attainment(s): None

Motto:  "Sometimes secrets must remain hidden"

Quotes: " "

" "

" "

ArchetypesDeadpan SnarkerManipulative BastardConsummate LiarConspiracy TheoristProfessional KillerFaux Affably Evil

Character Data:


Personality: Matthew is an arrogant, intelligent, and anger-prone mage. However, he is willing to fight for his ideal of "justice" through any means that he deems necessary. He usually operates from behind the scenes, manipulating key individuals and forming alliances that help meet his goals. When his plans fail, Matthew has a tendency to go into fits of rage. He only kills when necessary or ordered to do so by his superiors. He appears to be a serious man, only belied by the occasional sarcastic quip or smug smile. Although he puts on airs of politeness and likeability, he secretly delights in the suffering and pain of those who he thinks deserve it; he also takes great pleasure in manipulating these sort to help further his ideal of "justice" or his own goals. He's also slighly paranoid, as he believes there are higher powers at work in mage society that he has yet to discover


  • Mind: 1
  • Space: 1
  • Forces: 1


  • Willpower: 4
  • Gnosis: 3
  • Wisdom: 6
  • Mental:
    • Intelligence - 2
    • Wits - 2
    • Resolve - 2
  • Physical:
    • Strength - 2
    • Dexterity - 1
    • Stamina - 3
  • Social:
    • Presence - 1
    • Manipulation - 3
    • Appearence/Charisma - 2

Special Skills:

  • Mental: Academics - 1, Computer - 0, Crafts - 0, Investigation - 2, Medicine - 0, Occult - 1, Politics - 1, Science - 1
  • Physical: Athletics - 1, Brawl - 1, Drive - 0, Firearms - 1, Larceny - 0, Stealth - 2, Survival - 0, Weaponry - 1
  • Social: Animal Ken - 0, Empathy - 2, Expression - 0, Intimidation - 0, Persuasion - 2, Socialize - 0, Streetwise - 0, Subterfuge - 2

Specialized in Subterfuge. Unspecialized in Drive.

Weapons: Dagger, GLOCK 42, Desert Eagle

Nimbus: Whenever Matthew casts a spell, the sounds of cawing crows and talons scratching against something fills the room. His shadow gains angelic wings and a scythe-like weapon. Shadows of objects around him flicker and distort, changing into all manner of shapes or disappearing entirely. Objects near him seem display weird properties, with all of their sides being visible at once or appearing  to be constantly moving away from the viewer.

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