Name: Isaiah Rivers

Age: 28

Shadow Name: Brother Black

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Lust

Derangement: None

Path: Mastigos

Ministry: The Ministry of Paternoster

Prelacy:  Doctrine

Legacy:  Architects of the Future

Concept: Soldier of God, Uncompromising Zealot, Wealthy Philanthropist

ArcanumMind (Master), Space (Master), Time (Adept), Prime (Adept), Fate (Adept)

Rank: Master

Prelacy Powers:  Crown of Doctrine, Sword of Doctrine, Temple of Doctrine

Attainment(s): Spider's Edge, Sensing Danger (always active; danger only), Weaving the Future

Motto:  "The burden of choice is eradicated under our Father."

Quotes: "Christianity. Islam. Hinduism. Judaism. These are all just tools, instruments used by the us, the righteous, to weed out the unholy and heretical. Have you not noticed how each has an almighty divine force that is omnipresent and all powerful? Our creations will never die, my little heretical Son of Atlantis. But fear not, there is a place for you at Father's side if you were to repent now. It'd be a shame to waste such power by ending your life. Join us, join Father."

"It breaks my heart to see my fellow humans running around, frantic and unsure about what they should and should not do. How they do not of a greater power, a Heavenly Father to guide and make their choices for them. Their souls, they whisper of wanting, yearning for his divine, all-encompassing embrace. I pity and pray for them all."

"I am a soldier and a teacher of a righteous and wrathful God. Through his divine power, your spells are reduced to Paradox and your bullets fail to scratch me. I've been controlling your fates for some time now. Your free will was just a fleeting illusion, and just like my Father above, I control you. Now: submit to my divine authority."

Occupation: Archbishop of the Allentown diocese, Member of the Ministry of Paternoster, Spymaster of the Engineers of God pylon

ArchetypesNoble DemonManipulative BastardConsummate Liar,  Affably EvilSinister Minister,  Knight Templar

ThemeDanny Rayel - In Spiritus

Personal Data:

Backstory: Not much is know about Isaiah, except that he inherited a fortune, money that he often donated to charity and used to help the poor, from a relative. He received his white hair and yellow eyes as a curse from one of the Fae, the result of him not showing the proper respect. It is to serve as a reminder to all of his disrespect, a symbol to those knowledgable in Fae lore and those connected to Arcadia will know.


Likes: Fellow members of the Ministry of Paternoster, Compliant Mages and Sleepers, Detroying Heretics, Helping the needy, Spreading the doctrine of Paternoster

Dislikes: Heretics, His plans being ruined, Insults against his Heavenly Father

Weapons/Equipment: Thaumium dagger, Dual sawn-off shotguns, The Crown of Yezarius 

Nimbus: Subjugating- Onlookers, animal and human both, abase themselves before the mage. His will is law, his words infallible. Nothing seems to escape his notice, and his gaze might seem benevolent or terrible depending on the nature of the magic. Powerful spells might cause inanimate objects to bend, as though bowing before him.

The Crown of Yezarius (in-depth explanation):

The Crown of Yezarius is the infamous crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ (Yeshua) during his crucifixion. It was created by Yezarius, an Arc of Prime, as a way to negate Supernal magic and cause intense pain to whoever used said magic while wearing the crown. Once put on the head of a wielder, it digs into the skin of them and cannot be removed except by the person who put it there. It was devised as a punishment for Jesus Christ, a Seer of the Ministry of Paternoster, who had been finally caught by the fragmented mage society that manipulated the Roman Empire from behind the shadows. Ever since then, the crown's history has been less than bright, being used by both Seers and the Pentacle as a way to stop powerful mages gone amok or just those who interfere with their plans. Rumor has it that the crown is sentient, but no one has been able to confirm that.