Hans Brenner

Name: Hans Brenner

Age: 28

Shadow Name: Deadeye

Virtue: Temperance

Vice: Avarice


OrderThe Adamantine Arrow

Legacy: Brotherhood of the Demon Wind

Concept: Unseen Assassin

ArcanumMind (Adept), Space (Adept), Time (Adept), Death (Disciple), Matter (Disciple)

Rank: Adept

Attainments: Yanagini Kaze, Tazeini Buzei,

Motto: "Money is the only morality."

Quotes: "Oh come now, no need for formalities. Call me what I am, I'm a mercenary. I'm here to pillage, kill and steal anything I'm paid to pillage, kill or steal. At this current time, that thing I've been hired to kill would be you. So, I assume you'd like some final words of some deep meaning or something of the like, but I simply don't have the time. So, you'll just have to accept that this is where you die."

"I'm sick of your shit, man. I could crack your mind open, both magically and very physically, like someone would snap a fuckin' twig. I'm not here to play your damned games, I'm here for one thing only: money. Now, if you would be a nice little client and fork over the money, I won't be forced to sic demons from the farest corners of your own mind against you, understand me, you little shit?"

"The Silver Ladder and the Guardians of the Veil have their heads so far up their own asses, thinking they run anything and everything that goes on in mage society, those insufferable liars and smartasses. The Free Council and the Mysterium are both bitches, just in different ways. The Adamantine Arrow seems to the only order that actually does something worthwhile: kickin' ass and not givin' a shit.

Occupations: Merc for Hire, Talon of the Adamantine Arrow

ArchtypesAnti-Hero, Every Scar Has A Story, Punch Clock Villain, Pragmatic Villainy, Only In It For The Money, Tall, Dark and Snarky, Professional Killer


Personal Data


Traits: Calm, Aggressive, Cynical, Ruthless

Likes: Violence, Money, Weapons

Dislikes: People, Being Outsmarted, Liars