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Mage: The Awakening Sheet: Elise Harrison

Redhead by ashiwa666-d4d8nat

Name: Elise Harrison

Age: 26

Shadow Name: Diana

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Lust

Derangement: None

Path: Acanthus

Order: Mysterium

LegacyThe People of the Hour

Concept: Occult Detective

ArcanumMind (Disciple), Time (Adept), Life (Adept), Spirit (Disciple), Fate (Adept)

Rank: Adept

Attainment(s)Fifty-FiftyCatch As Catch Can, Stacking The Deck

Motto: "Destiny does not make us who we are; we make it what we want it to be."

Quotes: "Sleepers, mages, and other supernaturals alike rush through time, when they should really be savoring the moment. The future is nigh and ever-changing, so why not enjoy the present while it lasts?"

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Occupations: Savant of the Mysterium, Clerk at the Apocrathum Lorehouse

ArchetypesGenius DitzBadass BookwormOccult Detective

ThemeMelanie Martinez - Toxic (Cestladore Remix)

Personal Data:







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