Name: Dolan Novel

Age: 23

Shadow Name: Ryan Black

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Pride

Derangement(s): Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder


OrderThe Adamantine Arrow


Concept: Mystic Vigilante, Awakened police officer

Arcanum:  Time (Adept), Fate (Adept), Mind (Disciple), Life (Disciple), Prime (Disciple)

Rank: Adept

Attainments:  The Eye And The Fist, Slings and Arrows, Doom of Promise

Motto: "The Scales of Wyrd are to remain balanced, lest the Tapestry be unraveled."

Quotes: "The strings of the Tapestry reveal your misconduct unto me. You've killed a man and the scales must be balanced. An eye for an eye, as the saying goes. You've got no where to run and I have all the time and luck I need. This is the justice of the Fae, tremble before it."

"Manners and principles are two of the most important things I care about when determining if a person is worthy of respect. As above in Arcadia where manners are everything, so below in the Fallen World the same is found true, though imperfect. Respect is earned, never given."

"Time and Fate are bent to my will. With a simple wave of the hand, you'll find yourself experiencing time far slower than usual, and trust me, that's not a pleasant experience. A mere thought and you'll find that your luck has become fatally jinxed. Repent for your sins and I will stop cursing you. It's that simple, really, man."

Occupations: Police Officer of the Allentown Police Department, Mystic Vigilante

ArchetypesOccult DetectiveThe Fair FolkPrinciples ZealotJudge, Jury, and, ExecutionerVigilante ManBeware The Nice Ones

ThemeActions and Motives - 10 Years

Character Data

Backstory: Dolan's awakening as an Acanthus wasn't very pretty. He was abducted by a True Fae, one going by the Name of Abathar. Abathar posssed the titles Prince of Angles and Acolyte of Justice and was obsessed with the human idea of justice, far different from the respect and contract-based justice of the Fae. While there, he learned the ways of the Fae and, in turn, he tought Abathar the ways of humans. Though he was close to becoming a changeling, he Awakened as an Acanthus due to his strong connection to Arcadia now. Taking what Abathar said to heart, he became a Daoine, a witch ready to dispense out Faerie-style justice.




Weapons/Equipment: Standard issue GLOCK 42, Tazer, Nightstick

Nimbus: Fractals - The patterns of the world present themselves within the nimbus, displaying an ever-shifting, seemingly random sequence of shapes and forms always in motion. After staring at the procession of forms, a sort of pattern emerges, though not one that can be determined by hard-and-fast formulae. The particular Arcanum used at the time controls the visual form of the fractal pattern: the Life Arcanum may produce shifting figures of molecules or recombinant DNA or images of bees swarming in changing formations; Forces may reveal snowflakes, lava flows, and patterns of shifting sands or a meteorite display. The stronger the magic, the more intense the shapes and the faster they move.