Modern mage by bored drawfriend-d74bynw

Name: Cyrus Wright

Age: 55

Shadow Name: Enoch

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Pride

Derangement: None

Path: Obrimos

Order: Guardians of the Veil

LegacyEyes of Ain Soph

Concepts: Philosopher, Wise Mentor, Arcane Theorist

ArcanumPrime (Master), Life (Adept), Forces (Master), 

Spirit (Adept), Mind (Adept)

Rank: Master

Attainment(s)Seeker's EyeSeeker's Aegis

Seeker's Mastery

Motto:  "Sins for a just end grant wisdom to the Awakened."

Quotes: "It seems the Free Council fails to teach disicipline, as to be expected of an order that rejects Atlantean tradition. Perhaps I could be the first to teach you respect for your betters, a concept you seem to be having trouble with, child? It would only take me a mere moment and a modicum of mana to show you why the meritocracy of Atlantis persists to this day."

"The ideal Guardian is one who serves the cause of maintaining the Veil with the fervor of a fanatic, but with the wisdom and tact of a sage. They are to sin for a greater good, so that others may know the glimmer of the divine light of the Realms Supernal. They are to erode their very soul to uphold the values of the great Atlantis until the Hieromagus is revealed unto them and Hieraconis is built to resemble the shining glory of the great kingdom of Atlantis. They are the bear this burden with dignity and pride, knowing that others are spared from this unholy, but regrettably necessary task and the Sleepers can awaken free of unseen horrors that walk the Earth. Any Guardian who would dare use their position for their own gain is nothing more than a power-hungry heathen, unwise and unfit for his position." 

"The job of a follower of the Eyes of Ain Soph is to try to understand and interpret the nature of magic and the Supernal Realms. We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to this task, meticulously trying to gleam some divine truth from our theories and findings. But there's nothing special about this, as all mages act in a similar way; however, in reality, they act to the contrary. Though, I suppose one can't blame them, as the laborious search for more power that most mages undertake leads to corruption, greed, and hubris, all of which inevitably widen the Abyss."

Occupations: Epopt/Magistrate of the local Guardians of the Veil, Councilor of the Allentown Consilium, Philosopher

ArchetypesWell-Intentioned ExtremistHe Who Fights MonstersBadass Preacher,  Papa Wolf

Theme: Dream Evil - The Chosen Ones

Personal Data:

Backstory: Cyrus Wright was born in Allentown to Alexander Wright, a philosopher of some renown, and Melanie Henderson, a famous occult author. Under the influences of his parents growing up, he often tried to reconcile philosophical concepts with occult theory. At the age of 19, while he was pursuing a degree in philosophy, he Awakened. He was soon indoctrinated into Guardians of the Veil and rose through the ranks to the level of Epopt and later Magistrate. During this time, he met Sarah Baxter and had a child, Matthias Wright.


Likes: Reading, Arcane tomes, Philosophy, Order</span>

Dislikes: The Free Council, Banishers, Seers of the Throne, Scelesti, Users of 'vulgar' magic</span>

Weapons/Equipment: Thaumium cane, Obsidian daggers (fetishes for fire spirits), Revolver

Nimbus:  When Cyrus casts a spell, he is covered in an aura of brillain light, sometimes accompanied by the sound of distant thunder or ethereal music. The light is often golden or pure white, but appears in all the colors of the rainbow, sometimes as pure light, others as “cold fire” that flickers but does not burn.