Name: Avery Lancaster

Age: 22

Shadow Name: Julius C. Ramsey

Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Pride 

Derangement(s): None


Order: The Adamantine Arrow

Legacy:  Forge Masters

Concept: Modern Artificer, Futuristic Alchemist, Soldier-Scientist

Arcanum:MatterDeathPrimeMind, Forces

Rank: Adept

Attainments: The Master's Hand, Primal Tempering, Primal Forge

Motto: "We must learn from the past to help shape the future."

Quotes:  "Give me a minute and I'm a handful. An hour? I'm a serious threat. A day? I'm unstoppable. Don't test me, little man. Your operation to undermine Mr. Winchester's business by killing him ends now. And if it doesn't, expect a visit from the Horizon Council and the Special Police Corps. I'm sure they'd love to know the identity of Mr. Winchester's attempted assassin."

"I'm more than just a a 6'6 trained killer; I'm also happen to be an engineer, and a pretty damned good one too. The thing about engineers? They have to be good at spatial reasoning, math, and planning out things logically. The gun you're pointing at my head is out of plasma energy cells; I know because I know that model inside out and I counted each shot you fired. You're done here, kid."

"From what I learned from the history books, mage society is fragmented and on the brink of destruction. The bickering and political in-fighting of the Pentacle Orders allowed the Seers just the window they needed to swoop in and control humanity from behind the scenes, using the Horizon Council as pawns. But that isn't to say there isn't hope still."

Occupations: Bodyguard of Starlight Industies CEO Michael Winchester, First Talon of the Adamantine Arrow, Freelance Engineer, Former Special Police Corps Lieutenant.

ArchetypesGadgeteer Genius,  Badass BookwormGenius Bruiser,  Lightning BruiserDeadpan SnarkerCorporate SamuraiAwesomeness By Analysis

Theme:  Warriors - Imagine Dragons

Character Data





Weapons/Equipment: Thaumium-laced exosuit, Dual plasma pistols, Starlight Industries Holodex

Nimbus: Brittle- Everything becomes delicate. Clothes seem to tear easily, objects crack or shift with the slightest touch and taking a step seems to strain the floor or leave dents in the ground. With powerful magic, a thin layer of powder might appear on stone as though it is disintegrating. (Death/Matter)