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Name: Destin Syales

Aliases: Fate Ender, Harbinger of Destiny, The Ultimate Hunter

Alignment: Lawful Evil; as a mercenary

Chaotic Neutral; as a traveller

Occupations:  Mercenary, Assassin, Combat Specialist

Motto:  "No matter the job, do it well and efficiently."


"Don't work for both sides? No, don't get caught working for both sides."

"Haven't you heard the saying? Everything is possible, no matter how improbable."

"I accept any work presented to me. If you have the right amount of money, you too can hire the Harbinger of Destiny."

"I may have temporarily retired as an assassin, but don't think I won't cut you in half and hang you by your entrails if you piss me off"

Archetypes: Professional KillerThe HunterNoble DemonCombat PragmatistThe Stoic Tranquil Fury

InspirationsAgnosDeathstroke,Domino, and Longshot

Origin Story

Not much is known about Destin's history or back story. However, there are many rumors in intergalactic space surrounding him. The only true facts are the ones he knows himself. Before he was a mercenary and assassin, he was a hunter looking to hunt some intergalactic game while travelling on the ship, Destiny. 

While passing over the planet, Warside, the ship's  Infinite Possibility Drive malfunctioned and caused the ship to crash land on the lawless world. Luckily for him, he was wearing his hunting exo-suit and survived. The crew of this ship was not so lucky.

After he awoke from unconsciousness, he felt somehow "different". As if a piece of him was missing. He also felt drawn to something amongst the wreckage. After a while, he compulsively began to search through the wreckage like a madman for that "something".

However, he was distraught when he found the desire of his madness was his own soul. Although the chance was nanoscopically minuscule, his soul had fused with a somewhat functional piece of what was left of the Infinite Possibility Drive. Thinking that such an existence is hollow, he tried to commit suicide with his blades. But there was one problem, he couldn't.

No matter how badly he harmed himself, he felt no pain and the wounds would automatically regenerate, even if they were fatal wounds. He also found he could shift his body and anything he was touching at the time into a state of pure probability, rendering him and anything he's touching into intangible and untraceable. He came to a conclusion, his existence was now tied to the concept of probability.

After a little testing and feeling out his new existence, he found himself able to control probability. Wanting to use his new found powers and his previous skills as a hunter, he became a mercenary to hunt the ultimate game, humans and other sentient beings. He had thought about the idea of sapient prey but he knew it was illegal to do so because of treaties and laws between the races.

No matter the job, no matter who issued it, he always accepted it. He could care less about the money he accumulated. All he cared about was the thrill of the kill and the adrenaline he gets  from hunting his new "prey".  For some time, he gained infamy across the galaxy as an experienced assassin who gets the job done and he gets it efficiently. He gained names along the way as well. Fate Ender, Harbinger of Destiny, or The Ultimate Hunter are merely a fraction of the names they gave him.

One day, he was issued a very peculiar kill request. He was hired to kill an eccentric billionaire on a barren planet by the name of Luke Legates. Although he found the request odd, he was in no position to question a job. However, he did make precautions just in case this was a trap. Like normal, he researched and dug up everything up he could about his target. After all his planning was in order, he started on his voyage on the desolate planet.

When he arrived, he immediately got to work and traversed the giant desert that encompassed the entire planet. However, as time went on he felt as though he was being played, he hadn't seen anything for miles. After a while, a gigantic beautiful ship began appearing on the horizon. Standing by the ship, was a man with white hair and he was wearing a futuristic exo-suit, presumably of advanced technological origin. By the man, was holographic A.I.  woman.

Right then and there, Destin knew immediately what this was, a test. And it looks like he passed it. The man with white hair introduced him and the A.I as Lukas Rose and Avadora respectively. After that, he filled him on the test and what was the purpose of it all, membership aboard the Immortal Garden. He immediately accepted because he saw this as an opportunity to hunt even bigger and better game.

Personal Data

Likes:  Hunting, Interesting game, getting the job done, Training

Dislikes:  Wastes of time, slackers, boring game, down time

Hobbies: Training, Hunting, Doing merc. work


For the most part, he is essentially apathetic to others. However, that is not the case for those who are crew members. He highly values those who are crew members, mainly due to them being in the same sucky boat as him, immortality. He treats those he considers his peers with respect and expects the same of the others.

He can a bit of a stubborn hardass for the most part. When he has a chance to hunt something he's never hunted before, nothing can keep him from thinking about it or finding a way to hunt it. He also enjoys hunting sentient beings to the point of enjoying their pain. However, he does not kill without necessity or purpose. As such, he tries to limit civilian casualties.

Due to the value of hard-work being instilled in him at a young age, he likes to get any and all jobs assigned to him done efficiently and quickly. As such, he hates slackers and and the concept of downtime. Because of that, he trains almost constantly to keep his skills honed and sharp.


During his time as a merc, his lifestyle was very erratic and somewhat unstable. He constantly moved from planet to planet, galactic sector to galactic sector. At that time, he gained an obscene amount of money in several different currencies, both alien and human. He also gained quite a large bounty on his head, wanted dead by several alien races and empires.

Ever since he joined the Immortal Garden, that style of erratic living dwindled down and stabilized somewhat. He spends most of his time either in the Training room, the bar, or his room. He mainly reads or trains on his free time, maintaining his physical and mental acuity.

Fighting Style:

 Normally, he isn't eager to fight, but he is easy to anger and draw into a fight. Whenever involved in a fight, he sees it as another training experience and rates himself on his own performance. He channels all of his anger into this experience. He fights mainly with swordsmanship, dual wielding his twin energy blades with great efficiency. He knows many arts and styles of swordsmanship throughout the galaxy due to his travels as a mercenary.

He also knows of several alien and human forms of martial arts. He is well-versed in both and has spent extensive time in studying all forms he could master. Due to his training, he can predict an opponent's moves by viewing their muscle movements, copy a move/style after seeing it once, take advantage of pressure points and countless other feats.

During combat, he will use his powers to help him win if he finds it necessary. By manipulating the chance of his attack striking, he makes his attacks always strike. By manipulating the chance of his opponent striking him, he basically gives himself an impenetrable defense. From time to time, he mimics the powers of others by replicating the probabilities that the power operates under.

Powers and Abilities

Probability Manipulation - After he discovered his soul was now connected to the Infinite Probability Drive, he found out that he can control the probability of events around him within a 10ft radius of himself. He refers to this as his "Contained Probability Field". As time went on, he could expand this field to a maximum of 50 ft.

  • Miracle Performing - Although he rarely displays it, he can perform miracles by making very improbable events occur in his CPF. These miracles include, restoring anything within the CPF to its original state, bestowing great luck onto others, healing others, increasing his own luck, or mimicking others powers by replicating the probabilities they operate under.
  • Tychokinetic Combat - By manipulating his own luck during a battle, he increases his chance of winning and decreases his opponent's chance of winning. He also increases the probability of his strikes landing, making his attacks nigh-absolute and unavoidable. He decreases the probability of his opponent's strikes landing, making his defenses nigh-impenetrable.
  • Concept-Dependent Immortality(Probability) - Due to his soul being connected to the Infinite Probability Drive, his existence is now tethered to the concept of probability. As long as new possibilities exist, he cannot die. However, if the fragment containing his soul were to be destroyed, he would be rendered mortal. But that has been rendered a moot point, due to him hiding in a very secure location whose existence is only known to him.
  •  Stochastic Mimicry - Due to his new existence, he can transform his body and anything he's touching into mathematical probability, rendering them intangible and invisible. This is his primary form for stealth and infiltration.

Enhanced Assassination - Due to his time as a hunter, he has learned extensive stealth techniques and applies them to his job as a mercenary. Also, because of his exo-suit and powers, he makes every kill efficient and silent. There is no better mercenary in the galaxy.

  • Enhanced Swordsmanship - As a hunter, he mainly used swords as his weapon of choice. As such, he's well-versed in the arts and forms of swordplay. His swordplay is arguably greater than that of an Exran Imperial Guard.

Mindshifting - Due to the disconnection of his soul, he is no longer controlled by his emotions and he controls them freely or shuts them all off on a whim. This is also bolstered by the fact he cares little about others aside from his game, which he wants to kill. He can also control all mental aspects about himself. 

  • Pain Suppression - Due to his new found immortality, he no longer feels pain. No matter the injury inflicted onto his body, he can't feel it one bit. He once tried to commit suicide by slicing his own throat with his blade. However, he knew something was wrong when he didn't feel any pain.
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory - Because of all his extensive training, he only needs to be shown a move once to master it completely. He has gained this ability over time. It was also gained as a result of his mental meddling. 

High-Tech Exoskeleton - His exo-suit is crafted from an exotic Exran metal alloy and nanofiber combination. However, it is not a standard model. He had it handcrafted for hunting purposes. As such, it is equipped with several apparatuses and a few other modifications, some mainly for his mercenary job. It is equipped with a stealth function that was used for hunting but is now used for his kill orders. It also has a pair of energy disruptors, which are useful for disabling defense systems and energy-based beings. It is super durable yet flexible.

  • Enhanced Condition - The suit enhances his normal human condition to near-superhuman levels. His agility, reflexes, speed, and physical prowess are all enhanced by wearing the suit. For example, he can punch a hole in reinforced steel with no effort and damage to the suit.
  • Omnilingualism - Thanks to the suit, Destin can speak, write, and understand any and all known laguages in the universe. Because of his mental acuity, he has memorized a great deal, but he still needs the suit from time to time to translate for him.


Mage cell small v3 copy

Closed capsule.

Name: Ergokinetic Field Disruptor

Purpose: The disruption of ergokinetic fields

How it functions: Destin turns inconsequential objects into mathematical probability and contains them in these cells due to him being the only being able to physically interact with them. Once the cells are opened, the object is expelled in a scattershot and any energy systems that come into contact with it are disrupted.

Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor