A multitude of data streams flowed through David’s mind; some these streams of code directly relaying to his mind information pertaining to the various realities stored in his Spatio-Temporal Observatory, while others informed him of the various results of his experiments being carried out across totality. Such an existence should have been bliss, no longer constrained to human mortality; now free to figure out the secrets of an infinite multiverse that others could only begin to dream.

But an old remnant of his past existence, boredom, cropped up, a rusty dagger that would continue to infect his complacency until it was dealt with properly. And another question inevitably came along: how? David knew normal experiments would not fulfill this need for entertainment that he so craved. The answer hit him immediately: why not perform a primitive experiment? Surely, that would rid himself of such crippling boredom.

A controlled environment was going to be needed, such was the basis of experiments, even ones as primitive as this one. He made his way to the Sanctuary of Worlds where he stored entire solar systems, as opposed to entire realities. A Earth-like planet orbiting a main-sequence star would be needed for this to work. With his power and technological genius, he extracted the planet and star and moved them to an empty pocket reality. 

He terraformed the planet, inserting several devices beneath the planet’s surface; these would ensure that his test subjects would act accordingly. David, now satisfied with the planet, began strategically plucking test subjects from various lesser multiverses and time periods, accompanied by several predictive models that predicted the outcome of the experiment.

He now felt a presence that brought with it memories of annoyance and futile stoicism.

“I do not have time for you misguided shenanigans, Nolan,” –David sent one of his robotic servants to address the test subjects before returning his attention to Nolan– “so please do leave at your earliest inconvenience.”