Name: Vallantro Phoenix; formerly Vallantro Abrami

Aliases: The Will of Humanity, Remaker of Man, The God of Change

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Occupations: Ruler of the Intergalactic Kingdom of Sol, CEO and Founder of Phoenix Inc.

Powers: Remaking/CustomizationSupernatural ConditionPsionic ManipulationMagic

Abilities: Psychic ShadowReality/Conceptual AnchoringSingularityLiving AnomalyMindshifting

Leitmotif: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Motto: "Imperfections and flaws are the only truly perfect things."

Quote(s)about or from him:

"Perfection is never attained. Striving for it only invites failure. Claiming to be perfect only invites pride. Being perfect only invites boredom and despair."

"I do not create. Creation is the place of a higher entity. I remake . I change. Change is the place of a human such as myself. That is the power of all humans. The power to change."

"Stagnation has become a sin to me. It is the opposite of progress, the very aspect of reality that makes existence bearable. To me, such a sin cannot be condoned. That is why I remake beings. That is why I change entities. My power is the death of stagnation"

ArchetypesBenevolent Boss/Honest Corporate ExecutivePrinciples ZealotDimension LordThe Fettered,  Combat PragmatistHumble HeroA God I Am Not

Origin story


Vallantro Phoenix (formerly Abrami) was born in an extremely affluent family in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy on June 21st, 2018. His parents were the influential and obscenely oppulent Riccardo Abrami (who is also a metahuman gifted with superhuman intellect), the CEO of Genetix, which specializes in genetic engineering and research, and the superheroine Volta, a metahuman who's capable of manipulating electromagnetic fields. For most of his childhood, he spent most of it attending prestigious private schools or pursuing some academic venture to gain the coveted affection of his father.

As the child of a metahuman union, he possessed several defining characteristics that distinguished him as such from his peers. The more prominent of these characteristics was his hair and eye color: dark brown with red streaks and auburn respectively. These qualities, alongside greater physical status than most humans, separated him from his peers. This feeling of isolation, coupled with a need for his father's affection, drove him to be the best at what he did, trying to garner everyone's attention and love.

Later Years:

At the age of 16, Vallantro had himself tested for metahuman powers, seeing how both of his parents possess them. However, the scanners detected no traces of any power within him yet. He wrote it off as a severe fluke and demanded to be tested again. His father agreed with his son for once and ordered the technicians to test his son once more. Once again, the tests revealed that Vallantro had yet to develop his powers. This stirred up feelings of inadequacy within Vallantro, which unknowingly awakened his latent powers. It also a further divide between him and his father.

After having graduated from Harvard University (he studied molecular biology) at the age of 23, he applied for an internship at his father's company, viewing it as a way to finally gain his father's love. He was assigned to shadow Dr. Quintin Neal, one of the world's leading experts of molecular biology. As time went on, he began to question the moral soundness and legality of his father's operations, discovering live test subjects for various highly dangerous experimental projects and ventures within the lower levels of the building. It seems that they were being used for the research and development of biotech weapons.

One night, after everyone else (excluding security guards) had left the building, Vallantro sneaked in to the lower levels to where the creatures where being held. He tried to break the containers and cages storing the creatures, but his efforts proved fruitless. He wanted to change things, free the poor creatures, but he felt utterly powerless. In defeat, he placed his hand on one of the containers. This activated his powers, namely in the form of a sort of digital interface that detailed the properties of the container and various ways to alter the container and its properties.

No Longer A Normal:

Intrigued by the final appearance of his powers, he decided to hold off on freeing the creatures, deciding that testing his powers on more inconsequential items was the favorable approach. With haste, he sneaked out of building and went home and began running several experiments with his powers in secret.

To his amazement and constant testing, he found that he could not only reshape, reconstruct, and edit the properties of inorganic items, he could do the same to organic materials as well. Deciding not to use sapient subjects to test this, he used bacteria colonies instead. He changed simple and noticeable aspects of the bacteria: length of the flagella, shape of the chromosome, resistance to antibiotics, etc. Immediately thinking of the potential and good that his power could serve, his mind went immediately to the poor creatures underneath the Genetix central headquarters.

Deciding that it was high time that the creatures where saved, he first remade his body and mind, having a feeling that something might occur during his excursion. During the remaking process, he discovered something very foreboding. Within his body, there were millions upon millions of nanobots within his body that served the purpose of mind-controlling him when activated, and should that fail, killing him by causing every cell within his body to spontaneously die via a lethal chemical.  Using his powers, he discovered that the nanobots are constantly transmitting information about Vallantro and their own state to an unknown location, most likely his father he thought.

Bypassing the inherent security system within every nanobot simultaneously, he altered them and made them transmit false information from here own out. No longer having to worry, he also disabled and dismantled the chemical dispersing function of the nanobots and took control of them. With the issue of the nanobots essentially nullified, he went back to remaking his entire body and mind. His augmented his physical condition to supernatural levels, rivaling gods in terms of physical status. He made his mind far more flexible, allowing him to alter it at will anytime he wished instead of always resorting to his main power to do so. Alongside this mental elasticity, he also covered his mind in a sort of "psionic cover" that hides it and protects it from psychic powers.

The Dethroning:

Thinking himself to be prepared for most situations, he began to make his way to the Genetix central headquarters. Then, a thought popped into his head: Why not ruin his father by showing proof of his father's guilt to the world? Surely, that would end Genetix and the awful experiments in one satisfying swoop. Once more, instead of immediately freeing the creatures, he mentally formulated a plan to ruin his father and stop the unethical experiments. However, such a plan would require some help. He pondered the possibility to implant undying loyalty into certain subjects. He deemed such action morally grey, but utterly necessary for this plan to work.

Over the course of several days, Vallantro spent his time acting as any normal intern would, all the while setting up his gambit by hacking certain systems to acquire certain information or just creating favorable variables, earning the trust of his colleagues, implanting undying loyalty in his father's personal guards, and working on a secret project involving the numerous nanites within his body. However, as the time neared to truly execute his plan, something felt "off". Vallantro was fairly sure that his father knew of his powers and his betrayal by know. Yet, Riccardo acted far too calmly. Nonetheless, this didn't stop Vallantro from finally enacting his plan after 2 weeks of calculated planning.

Unexpectedly, Riccardo (along with his guards) invited Vallantro down to the lower levels to view the "secret project" at the time that Vallantro had planned to do the same (or rather goad him into doing so). Immediately, Vallantro knew what his father meant and Riccardo knew that Vallantro knew, and so on and so forth... (I must digress) Once they both reached the lower levels, they were both greeted with seemingly empty rooms, minus the creatures of course. Once both in the center of the room, they faced each other down, the silence only broken by snapping of Vallantro's fingers and the cocking of guns at Riccardo's head. Vallantro pulled a flash drive from his pocket and told his father that it contained proof of his misdeeds. He also said that all the cameras in this room are broadcasting this to all present personnel.

Vallantro, thinking he had won, expected for his father to break down and rant about his motives, which would be recorded by the cameras stationed in the room. Unfortunately for him, his father was smiling. Riccardo merely stood here and said nothing. The guards soon turned their sights onto Vallantro. Riccardo ordered one of the guards to shoot the flash drive out of Vallantro's hand. His evidence was destroyed. Vallantro face sunk, he drained of color, and his breath quickened.

Riccardo had seen through his plan that quickly. He began to explain that with the burgeoning increase in metahumans, especially those with psychic powers, he started to mentally scan everyone of his personal guard and check for psychic alterations. If he detected any, he had that guard killed. He even took further measures as to replace them with hyper-realistic android replicas. Riccardo was also aware of Vallantro's hacking and deliberately input fake information to throw Vallantro off. Right before the invitation, he also disabled the security cameras in this partiuclar room and placed a signal jammer inside of it, preventing broadcasts. Riccardo basked in his victory and laughed at his son's apparent defeat.

When Riccardo's fit of laughter was over, he glanced over at his son. Riccardo was shocked, but the sudden realization dawned upon him. Vallantro had a backup plan. Vallantro revealed his own secret project to his father. He disclosed that he had modified the nanites with his own power and repurposed them into something far more useful, sentient hackers that could be dispersed in the most innocuous method possible: exhalation. Riccardo quickly realized the implications of this and gasped in horror as his robotic servants turned on him once more. Vallantro also added that the real information that he had acquired was uploaded to the databases of several international legal agencies several minutes ago via the nanites, and that the signal jammer had been disabled via the nanites and that the cameras had been reactivated a few moments after they both stepped into the room.

Making A Mark:

With his father now in custody of international authorities and the company needing a new CEO, Vallantro took over Genetix as its CEO. This interesting turn of events did not go unnoticed, as Vallantro had hoped. Many of his father's business partners deserted him, others welcomed him as the new face of the company and wished for a mutually beneficial partnership. Knowing it was high time for a change of pace, and wanting to clear the scandal revolving around him and this company, Vallantro legally changed his last name from Abrami to Phoenix and renamed the company "Phoenix Industries", which would specialize in biomedical engineering and pharmaceutical pursuits.

Using his powers to his advantage, Phoenix Industries became the world leader in biomedical engineering tech and pharmaceutical breakthroughs, managing to create working organs in an efficient, cost-effective manner and creating cures to illnesses and diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and even cancer. This made some of Vallantro's more envious partners angry. They would be overshadowed by Vallantro and his "mircales".

Vallantro, noticing this, decided to take some preemptive measures in case of a betrayal. Thinking back to what his father has mentioned regarding psychics and their potential use in coporate espionage, Vallantro had a plan to protect his company, and others, from the use of psychics in coporate warfare. Seeing as how the psychic community has been scrutinzed and discriminated against, Vallantro used his substantial wealth and funded several private schools that specialized in the training of pychic powers. This act garnered him some favor from the psychic community. Continuing to do acts of charity to the psychich community, he also noticed the predjudice against magi and began to earn their favor as well.

With the future of his company and others secured, he began to expand his company and take over his more envious and evil enemies. His power and influence did not go unnoticed. His expansion was under the watchful scrunity of several superhero teams, one of which has his mother as a member. They were all suspicious of him and his intent, given as how his father was in the past. However, he put their fears to rest, as he simply wanted to make the world a better place. He even managed to hire some of them, offering to vastly upgrade (or retool) their powers and cosmetically remake them to their liking.

Personal Data