Mage concept by jasontn-d93xgo5

Chosen Name: The Architect

Aliases: The Slumbering Creator, The Alpha Reality, Essence of Existence, God, Brahman, Spark of Creation, The Alpha and Omega, The Grand Observer, The Great Demiurge

Alignment: Above Good and Evil

Species: Not Applicable

Occupation: Supreme Being of Totality, Creator Deity

Affiliations: Not Applicable

Power: Reality Dreaming

Abilities:  Absolute ExistenceUnityOmniscienceExistential ManifestationsPerfectionOmnipresence


Motto: "The true path remains hidden to those who singlemindedly search for it."


"Ephemeral. Finite. Transient. Fleeting. These are the very words that your species uses to define a miniscule time frame. And these are the very words describe how short-lived you all are in comparison to rest of creation. It's charming how long you will have managed to stay sane this long but I will see how you all have descended into madness in the future. Or rather, will in another timeline that has branched off from this one. So saddening to will have seen another part of myself succumb to the dark aspects of myself."

"I am everything and nothing, human . From the darkest depths of the abyss to the brightest heights of creation, I am one with everything and nothing. The great eldritch beings that dwell within the void are within me. Even you are just a fraction of my existence. My existence unnerves you, I know. You think it undoes all you have worked so hard for. Here you are worrying about such trivial matters when all of creation is about to be devoured so that I may awaken from this dream.  Among the inhabitants of this dream, your race was certainly my favorite."

"Immoral? I am not immoral, human, I simply am. I am beyond your morality. Totality will be no more. And I will awaken from this dream for the very first time. Begone from my presence. Forever."