Queen Soraya IV

Name: Soraya Syael

Aliases: Queen Soraya IV, Saint Soraya, Patroness of War and Wisdom, The Rose Swordsman,

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Modified Human

Occupation: Queen of the Kingdom of Arthenia, Past Member of the Cabal of Eternal Fire

Affiliations: Kingdom of Arthenia, Cabal of Eternal Fire. Fy'thin

Powers (via Excalibur):


Leitmotif: Two Steps from Hell - Strength of a Thousan Men

Motto: "Life, like war, demands sacrifices."


"My duty is first to my country, then to myself. Even if I were to die a thousand deaths, I would never stop fighting to save Arthenia. I will never back down from those who dare threathen her. It was foolish of you to presume that I would stop fighting you under fear of death, Aragorn. And even more arrogant to presume that I'm going to let you leave unscathed after threatening my homeland. Prepare to taste the blade of Excalibur."

"Most men do not like women of status and power. Whether be it under the guise of one of the greatest warriors to walk the Earth to the queen of a great country, men find me unapproachable. Yet, here you are, yearning to gain my attention. 'What manner of man is this?' I find myself wondering. You have gained my interest, Mikhail Romanov."