Name: Rhan'gyl Gaios

Age: 4, 365 standard human years 

Aliases: Son of Gaia, Soul Forged From Chaos, Spinner of Lies, Engineer of Chaos, King and Patron of the Drows and Dark Faery, Lord of Mischief and Deceit.

Occupations:  Crown Prince of the Fae, Ruler of Arethshys, Faery God of Trickery.

Alignment: Chaotic Lawful Neutral

Powers: Faery GodOmnifariousElder MagicClairvoyanceOne of the 6 Original FaeSupernatural Properties Manipulation

Abilities: TricksterPersonal DomainTactical AnalysisLuckSupernatural BeautySupernatural IntelligencePsychic Shadow

Leitmotif: Two Steps from Hell - Invincible

Motto:  "One doesn't deserve to keep if he so easily loses."


"I am the King and Patron God of the drow and other dark faery creatures. We are the scholars, the tricksters, and the villains. The other fae look down on those under my patronage as evil and contemptuous. So we give them what they want: evil and contemptuous. But we are nothing, if not civilized and orderly beings. Our mischief and evil is well-placed and subtle. My name is Rhan'gyl Gaios and welcome to Arethshys."

"I know many things, child. Even the secrets of gods and mortals are commonplace to me. I make it my business to be cognizant of the affairs of my potential allies and enemies."

"I am the only Fae that is capable of lies. Ask your questions carefully and keep your wits about you, mortal. Or else you might become one of my numerous pawns."

Archetypes: Noble Demon,  Anti-VillainAffably Evil,  The Chessmaster,  The ArchmageTheocracy(his kingdom of Arethshys), Papa WolfPhysical GodPhysical ReligionThe Fair Folk


Gaia, after witnessing the failure of the many pantheons of new gods that she gave birth to with the help of the other Elder Gods, wanted to start over in hopes of creating a race of beings that wouldn't cause such great troubles for mankind. Using her power, she created 12 vessels that would eventually become the 6 Gods of the Fae. Enlisting the help of Lady Chaos, she gave each of them a soul (something not even an Elder God could create) and Gaia breathed life-force into them.

In exchange for this help, Gaia had to make one of these soon to be gods a protege of Chaos. Rhan'gyl willing accepted and asked for this burden and thus the Faery God of Trickery was born. Using their vast powers, the newborn gods created the Fae and imposed a certain magical rule onto themselves and other Fae: no Faery can lie to another. The only Faery that was incapable of casting this rule on himself was Rhan'gyl (he physically could not cast it on himslef no matter how hard he tried), as part Gaia's bargain with Chaos (Can't expect a God of Mischief to cause mischief without lies).

Personal Data

Powers/Abilities in-depth

Equipment and Weapons

Soul Tesseract:

Soul Tessearct

Within his arsenal of magical objects of great power, his most arguably powerful object is the Soul Tesseract. It is a fourth-dimensional magical constructed from a shell composed of pure magical energy and filled with extradimensional energies from hyperspace. It also contains a fraction of Rhan'gyl's soul. 

Using knowledge of Extradimensional Magical Mechanics and Astral Projection, the Soul Tesseract allows Rhan'gyl to travel back and forth to alternate dimensions and universes. While in these alternate universes and dimensions, he can communicate and even replace alternate versions of himself.

Plasma sword by yanzi 5-d4uefeb

The Chaosblade:

The Chaosblade is Rhan'gyl's signature weapon as a god, a gift given to him by Chaos herself for accepting the position as the God of Trickery. Because it was made by Chaos, one can immediately tell something is off about the weapon, i.e., it's apparent that the blade of the sword itself is two-dimension while the rest of the sword is obviously three-dimensional.

This dimensional weirdness was inherited from it's creator, Chaos. The blade that one sees in the third dimensional is not the true blade, but a dimensional projection of the real blade that exists in a higher dimensional plane where geometry and mathematics do not function as they do in the third dimension.

The real blade has such impossible geometric properties; for example, it is composed of parallel lines that both intersect and do not intersect at the same time while also remaining antiparallel to one another. At certain points along the blade, angles turn back in on themselves and become vertexes. Because most of this impossibility comprises the blade and such incongruities become less as the level of dimensions lessens, the blade is left as two-dimensional projection in three dimensional space.

Because of its existence in higher dimensions, the Chaosblade is capable of such feats as slicing through the space-time of lesser dimensions (i.e., three dimensional space); ignoring factors such as distance , seeing as how the concept of distance varies in higher and lower dimensions; being nigh-unblockable; and capable of harming higher-dimensional beings. However, to have any of the aforementioned properties, it must have a  massive supply of mana, and as such, Rhan'gyl rarely uses this weapon with its eldritch properties activated.

The Kingdom of Arethshys