Mikhail Romanov

Name: Mikhail Romanov

Aliases: The White King, Master Mikhail, High Minister of Zetahuman State of Paradisa, Architect of Zetahumanity, Interuniversal Expat, Genetic Experiment #7414,

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Zetahuman

Occupation: Information Broker, Informant, Manager of the Paragons, Crime Lord, Leading Expert on Metahumans and Superpowers, Power Broker, High Minister of Paradisa

Affiliations: The Paragons, The Red Snow gang, The UN, The Zetahuman State of Paradisa

Powers: Remaking (Essence Manipulation/Form ManipulationUpgrading SubordinationPotential CreationAbility Tier ActivationMental ManipulationSoul ManipulationSuperpower Manipulation) via touching or being in close proximity (3-5ft) to intended target., Absorbing Replication

Abilities: MindshiftingPanmnesiaBody SupremacySupernatural ConditionTactical AnalysisPower AnchoringCombat PerceptionMartial Arts IntuitionIntuitive Aptitude


Motto: "Nothing in life is free."


"Do you remember that terrorist group, The Federation Against The World Order? How the governments of the world were scrambling to find them after their attacks on major capitals of the world, yet their efforts were fruitless? But then, by some miracle, some divine stroke of luck, the world suddenly knew where the FATWO group was? That stroke of divine luck, that miracle was me. I do not gamble with maybes or ignorance. I deal with information, and there is not much that I do not know, Mr. O'Neal. The knowledge that I possess can topple entire regimes or reinstate new ones in an instant, bring the global economy to a screeching halt, or cause relations in the international community to break down. Now, about our business transaction?"

"A new era of warfare is on the horizon. An era of a metahuman arms race, fought with superpowered beings; magic; and alien technology. You can just smell the violations of human rights and the war crimes. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, metahumans and other superpowered indiviudals aren't too keen on working for the government and doing its dirty work. The Paragons are an privately owned paramilitary group that can be contracted by the governments of the world, for the right price of course. I took veterans of war that had been overlooked, disregarded, and made them into something great. Something powerful. Into something that follows my every command loyally and without question. Now, excuse me if this is too American for you, get the hell out of my building."

"This has all worked in my favor, I assure you. The governments of the world have been scared into thinking they need metahumans to better protect themselves, which will inevitably evolve into them using metahumans in their armies. They will come knocking down my door for metahuman officers, bags of money in their hands. I'll give them what they want; these idiots will unknowingly give me spies inside of their governments. And like that, I'll finally know once and for all if there is a power puppeteering humanity or not. If I'm wrong, I'll have more money than the tsars of old. If I'm right, I'll have the satisfaction of knowledge and a vast fortune. Thank you, Agents of Project Astral. You have all been a very big help." 

ArchetypesMagnificent BastardCunning LinguistConsummate ProfessionalVillain With Good PublicityAffably EvilPower BrokeringThe Paragons