"Don't get on her bad side. Ever. She knows how to use those swords, trust me."
Agent Omega to new recruits.

Name: Mihara Aira (pseudonym given to her by Project Astral; real name classified)

Aliases: White Lotus, Mihara of the Blades, Goddess of Battle, The Sword's Shadow, Empress of the Blade

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Demigod

Occupation: Senior Field Agent for Project Astral, United Nations-sanctioned Public Superhero

Affiliations: The United Nations, Project Astral

Powers: Demigod Physiology



Motto: "A true swordsman lives with honor and dies with dignity."


"These blades are extensions of my mind, body and soul. Through them, I channel my cold rage and use them to lash out against the world. Though the cuts will heal, the scars left are forever eternal."

"Anthony, I wear an outfit like this to distract my opponent, confusing them and making them fight off-key. Misdirection and distraction are two of the fundamentals of swordplay, dear. And besides, if some would-be rapist dares to try to lay their hands on me, they will be an eunuch in under 6 seconds. So you have nothing to worry about, honey."

"Why would I ever want children when I have you all? You all are so precious and adorable, so you're basically my children already. And if anyone dared to hurt you, you can all guarantee that person or people will be cut down. Now get back to training before I'm accused of being too soft on you all by Alexei again."

ArchetypesThe DeterminatorAsexualAction GirlTeam MomImplausible Fencing PowersMaster SwordsmanTranquil FuryBeware The Nice OnesFriend To All Children