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Name: Julian Rowen Maxwell

Aliases: The Skipping Phantom, Darkshade, Prisoner #0426, Knives

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Species: Human

Occupations: Member of the Templars, Black Ops Agent,  Red Snow Gang Lieutenant

LeitmotifWhen You're Evil - Voltaire

Powers: Inner Astral Demon (Personal VoidDarkness ManipulationSymbiotic TransformationDarkside ViewFear ManipulationTelepathyMind ControlIntangibility

AbilitiesKilling IntentEnhanced KnifemanshipPsychological IntuitionDivided MindEnhanced ConditionRegenerative Healing Factor

Motto: "Violence and crime are an artform."


"I am sick of all you pansies running away just because they have a tank.....Wait, they have a tank? Hell yeah! I haven't ridden inside of a tank in years! Excuse me, you bunch of Yellow Snow wastes, but I have a tank to catch and some people to kill! This is gonna be so fun! Fun, fun fun! I'll blow up a couple blocks when I'm done!"

"You there, new guy. I'm sick of your complaining. Stop it now or I'll give you something to cry about. So what, you killed a man! Killing another human being is the pinnacle of expression! The symphony of beautiful gunshots as they bombard the enemy and reduce them to a pulp! The magnificent blades that cut their throats! To kill a man is like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing Santa Claus there with that fat bag of goodies just for you. He says to you, 'The other boys and girls didn't deserve these toys, so here you go!' And here you are, crying in front of Santa after he just gave you all these toys. Don't you want Santa to be happy, you ingrate?!"

"I am so sick of human beings like you. You think yourself a god? Good, then you have nothing to fear from this form. What's wrong, my dear god? Why are you sweating profusely? Why are your eyes widened so much? You look like as if you've seen a ghost, a demon. Surely, you aren't afraid? You are, aren't you? I am the darkness that haunts you at night; I am the one that tortures you with visions of your past; I was what walked the shadows that you feared as child. You are nothing and your insipid attempts amount to exactly less than nothing. You, a god? Don't make me laugh, you waste of human flesh! A god does not piss themselves at the sight of a mere demon!"

ArchetypesPut The Laughter In SlaughterAx-CrazyThe DreadedBlood KnightFor The EvulzLarge HamLaughably EvilPsychopathic ManchildEviler Than Thou(To a demon from the Astral Plane)