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Character Sheet: Ezekiel Obsidian

Ezekiel Obsidian
Ezekiel Obsidian
Basic Info
Alias(es) High Prince of the Daemon Realm, Duke of Nightmares, Demigod of the Sect of Jiathia, Daemon Spawn, 
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Cambion
Gender Male
Age 28
Birthday September 5th, 1985
Blood Type N/A

Sorkieth, Dark God of the Fissure (Grandfather)

Unknown Daemon Queen (Grandmother)

Jiathia, High Queen of the Daemon Realm (Mother)

Clyde Obsidian (Father)

Unnamed daemon half-brothers

Personal Data
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Crea Runewalker, His daemon underlings
Occupation(s) Daemon High Prince, Duke of Nightmares
Base of Operations Court of Nightmares, mobile through various dimensions
"This psychotic, psychopathic half-daemon with the ornate mystical tattoo is Ezekiel. And he's our guide through the Daemon Realms."
― Crea Runewalker
"A religious clergymen acting holier than I? Typical. Cliched even. Let me tell you something, and you better listen carefully. I am not something to be exorcised and forgotted about. I am the fucking High Prince of the Daemon Lands and the Duke of Nightmares. That nightmare you had 3 years ago in which you imagined you killed your mother, raped her dead body, and then burnt it? You know, the same one that caused you to weep and cry out to your impotent God for mercy? That was me. I give people nightmares like that when I'm bored. For you, it was the most harrowing event in your life, for me it was merely a Saturday's boredom. And I'll do it again, you self-righteous hypocrite. Don't. fuck. with. me."
― Ezekiel Obsidian
 Described as a "psychotic, psychopathic half-daemon", Ezekiel Obsidian is one of the High Princes of the Daemon Realm and the Duke of Nightmares of the Astral Plane. Prone to violence and highly unpredictable, anything can happen when Ezekiel's around, from nearly resurrecting an ancient demon lord to fighting against a demonically backed mafia family. 



Ezekiel Obsidian was born of the union between the High Queen of the Daemon Realm, Jiathia, and infamous Manhattan serial killer and well-known follower of hers, Clyde Obsidian. Jiathia found Clyde's sheer devotion to her and his absolute depravity to be attractive, and so, she appeared to him and his fellow cultists and chose him to be her mate and the father of her spawn.  

Before he was born, his half-brothers were paranoid about losing their power and dominion to the unborn Ezekiel. They could sense the great power that he would wield in the future, and were scared of it. So, conspiring with the Archons, they set out to kill him before his imminent birth. The traitorous brothers knew that their mother would be weakened during labor and plotted their strike accordingly.

The armies of his half-brothers and the Archons clashed against the armies of daemons still loyal to Jiathia on the hour of Ezekiel's birth. His half-brothers could wait no longer; they had to strike now lest they lose their power.  The clash was great, both sides suffered major losses, but the rebellious daemons and opportunistic Archons were gaining an advantage over the Jiathia's forces.

Daemon Royalty and the Runewalker Incident


The Abrami Family Case


True Sin















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