Name: Elijah Kaine 

Aliases: Oracle, Wild Card, Kid Magik

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Magi

Occupation: Agent for Project Astral

Affiliations: Project Astral, United Nations

Powers:  Magic (Elemental ManipulationRune MagicDivinationTeleportationSummoningEnergy ManipulationAlchemyMentalism )

Abilities:  Magic CombatMartial Arts IntuitionDivine HunchPsychic Shadow and Alien Mind on account of his strange heritage

Leitmotif: Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez

Motto: "Everything is possible; the impossible is just what we can't do at the moment."


"You're hot-headed. Impulsive. Quick to anger. These traits are both beneficial and detrimental in different situations. Your fighting style just seems to be 'attack until it stays down,' which won't work for very long against someone like me. You don't even try to use your powers creatively. But if you want to continue this personal quest to embarass yourself, fine by me. Let's see how long your strategy works."

"People like you a despicable. You are scum. You are less than dirt. Nothing can justify wiping out all of reality. You're just being decieved by these so-called Void Walkers. They don't want to save sentient beings from suffering, they just want to destroy all of creation because they got thrown out. They're just jealous and petty yet you follow these beings, these beings who unwillingly transformed you into an abomination, into something like them. You are pathetic, Alzar, plain and simple."

"I like to catch people off-guard. To that end, I play the part of the Fool. I act like a madman, say insane things. And when I've taken my measure of that person, I begin to play the role of the Magician. And I play both roles very well. Let this be another lesson: never judge a man by appearance."