In a humanoid form

Name: Darrach

Aliases: Twilight Demon, Lord of the Twlight Realm, Desecrator of Light and Darkness

Age: 43,000 years

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Occupations: Lord of the Twlight Ream, 2nd Grand Demon Marquis of Hell


Powers: Transcendent Cambion Physiology (Authority in his realm, Twilight Element ManipulationDemon Beast ManipulationDark MagicCosmic Manipulation

Abilities: PlaneswalkingShapeshiftingContract BestowalSupernatural Condition

Motto: "The weak are there to be subjugated and controlled, and it is the right of the strong to do so."


Archetypes: Dimension Lord ,  Evil Sounds DeepGenre SavvyDemon LordReligion Of EvilThe Anti-Christ

Origin Story:

Darrach was born form the union of Lucifer and a village woman by the name of Cassandra. Lucifer was summoned to Cassandra's realm by a bunch of cultists who wanted to gain unparalleled mystical power. To that end, they offered Cassandra as sacrifice to what ever powerful demon that summoned. Unfortunately for them, they summoned the progenitor of all demons and the most powerful of all, Lucifer.

Before he was summoned, he was negotiating peaceful terms with Heaven regarding the issue of human souls. Summoning him at such a time was inopportune  to say the least. It made him look weak and powerless to Heaven, something he despised. In a rage, he killed all of the cultists before they uttered a word. He slaughtered all humans there but one, Cassandra.

Her beauty took him aback and calmed his rage. Although she sat there terrified, she felt somehow attracted to this being in front of her, attracted to Lucifer. He quickly took a devilishly handsome human form and thus their love began.

After a long and arduous relationship, they conceived a cambion child that Lucifer named Darrach. Shortly after his birth, Cassandra died. However, this did nothing to sadden him due to him taking her soul to Hell where they could be together for all eternity.

Due to the laws agreed upon concerning nephilim, nephlaem, and cambions, Darrach was placed under the care of a human family. It was there he was tested to see if he leaned towards his mortal or demonic parentage.

Finally Darrach showed his true colors, he had leaned toward his demonic side. Unfortunately for him, that meant that Archangels would begin to hunt him. In a fit, he destroyed half of the heavenly host with little to no effort. He also began tearing gaping holes in reality and warping it to almost irreparable levels. Lucifer recognizing the problem, placed inhibitors on his power that would decay as he matured. At the moment, the crisis was averted and the Archangels merely monitored him.