Nyarlathotep by sam reynolds-d36vac3

Name: Daey'rxz, the Twister of Psyches

Aliases: Descendant of Cain, Vessel of Abbadon, Harbinger of Madness, Defiler of Minds, Eraser of Falsehoods; Thomas Kaine; The Prince of Maddening Truths, Psionic Scourge, Mankind Incarnate

Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality

Powers: The Madness of TruthHumanoid Abomination PhysiologyPsychic/Collective Entity PhysiologyMental Manipulation

Abilities: Cosmic KnowledgeSubjective RealityOmnipathyAlien MindNigh OmnipresenceUnnatural Presence

Leitmotif: Come Little Children

Motto: "Enlighten humanity to the illuminating truth of madness."


"Officer, why do you continue onward? All this pain and suffering I've put you through could have been avoided if you just submitted to me, let yourself surrender to madness entirely. In madness, humans no longer want, no longer need, and no longer feel pain; truly, a paradise to experience and a hell to be denied. You so foolishly cling on to this jagged shard of hope which will, inevitably, fail you and hurt you more than I could ever possibly could, throwing you into a sea of despair and hopelessness.. But me? I want the best for humanity. I love you all, my dear human. Why do you all reject me so? You all, my creators, call me a plague, an illness, a disorder. Such harmful names to call a long-lost lover. But no more. Humanity will remember their love for me, human by human. Yes, I will have my love returned to me after many countless eternities spent in that accursed pit."