"The Omega-level classification is named so after its codifier, your other instructor, Agent Omega. He and I are of the few Omega-level metahumans in existence, and as such, we are very powerful. Before you ask, no, a thermonuclear device won't even faze us."
Alexei Gordon to new recruits.
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Name: Anthony Fuller (pseudonym given to him by Project Astral; real name classified)

Aliases: Agent Omega, The First Metahuman, The World's Greatest Superhero

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Metahuman

Occupation: Omega-level Field Agent for Project Astral, United Nations-sanctioned Public Superhero

Affiliations: The United Nations, Project Astral

Powers: Energy ManipulationSupernatural Condition ( Supernatural Strength, capable of lifting 50,000 tons; Supernatural Durability that allows him to survive a point-blank thermonuclear blast; Supernatural Speed, capable of breaking Mach 1 on foot; Supernatural Stamina, he can fully exert himself for days on end; Supernatural Senses) via absorbing ambient energy and using it to enhanced his body

Abilities:  Flight via surrounding his body in an energy aura and using it propel himself, Martial Arts Intuition, InvulnerabilitySwordsmanship,  

Leitmotif: Hero - Skillet

Motto: "Sometimes lawfulness overrides goodness out of necessity, and vice versa."


"Know what? I'm done. I am done trying to be cordial and reasonable with psychotic madmen like yourself. You hurt the woman I love, threatened my family, and endangered the lives of the children under my supervision. You want to see me let loose? To see me cause true havoc and carnage? Fine, I'll grant your wish. You'll be the first victim of my carnage. I'm going to immensely enjoy ripping you in half, Alzar; in fact, I'll do it with an honest-to-God smile on my face. Your prayers of mercy will not reach the ears of your gods or horrific creature you worship, because they know damned well that I'll kick their collective asses as too if they dare to interfere."

"What do kids don't seem to understand is the goal of Project Astral. We're the guys who stop the Earth from being destroyed whenever some demon lord from the pit of hell, abomination from another dimension, alien race from the depths of the cosmos, insane mage, delusional god, or supervillain sees fit to wipe us off the cosmic map. If it wasn't for this organization, all of humanity would have stopped existing years ago or worse. To do our job properly, we sometimes have to make some morally ambiguous choices, and sometimes we don't like them but they have to be done. Hell, I don't like some of the choices this organization makes, but I know they're necessary. You'll learn to live with it eventually, knowing that what you're doing is for the greater good."

ArchetypesHuman WeaponPerson Of Mass Destruction, The ParagonThe DeterminatorAll-Loving HeroFlying Brick,  Lightning BruiserBeware The Nice OnesTeam Dad